Happiness Team


Creator, Tania Van Pelt: Tania Van Pelt is the creator of Happiness Series. After working in film, she realized that content for an online world, online TV and radio and web series were where the excitement and innovation were. Tania created Happiness Series because she wants to empower people to live healthier, longer, more joyful lives through fitness, nutrition, stress management and integrative wellness. After years of research and practical application, she is excited about the newest project, Ageless Diet. Ageless Diet is a lifestyle that promotes an Ageless You because getting older doesn’t have to mean aging, and losing weight and feeling good can be easy. Happiness Series and Ageless Diet are going in new directions, bringing people together in beautiful settings with retreats and conferences. The book is out, along with a video series showing you how to be ageless today.. Tania also recently completed her sitcom web/TV series pilot Employees Only.

Sheila Heylin: Sheila Heylin, a founding member and a contributor and host on Happiness Series, lives in Chicago and Los Angeles. It was in LA where Sheila discovered healthy living. She realized that “what you’re not used to and what you hate are two different things.” She and Tania partnered to shoot the first season of Happiness Series in NY.

Tony LeRoy, psychic and guest expert: Tony LeRoy is a psychic with over 17 years of experience, whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling.” Tony is a healer and a guide who works to help clients discover their own power to create their own life. Tony has been based in both New York and Los Angeles for several years. He was drawn at an early age to the life and legacy of Edgar Cayce and first became aware of his own psychic abilities in adolescence. He’s interested in the work of healers like Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman and Caroline Myss. He feels a strong kinship to the deep spiritual investigation of Joseph Campbell and Andrew Harvey. Recently, he’s taken that spiritual investigation and healing quest further by offering workshops with people such as therapist and shamanic counselor Nancy Arann. Tony was recently a guest star on Dr. Oz and is working on his first retreat in Costa Rica.

Andrea Carrese, psychic and guest expert: Andrea Carrese is a psychic with over 20 years of experience, and her reputation as a gifted psychic counselor has brought her recognition around the country and abroad. Andrea is often a guest star on WPLR in Connecticut, as Psychic Andrea. She continues to enjoy a thriving practice in the greater New York area. She has a strong spiritual practice and is well-equipped to guide people through the vagaries of life. To find out more about Andrea or to schedule a reading with her, check out her site.

Jean Koerner, yoga teacher and fitness contributor: Jean Koerner began practicing yoga in New York City in 1988 and is now a senior teacher of ISHTA (integrated sciences of hatha, tantra, and ayurveda) Yoga. Jean has used yoga to recover from a back injury, and avoided a second surgery in 1993 with the help of her daily yoga practice. Formerly a co-owner of Be Yoga Studios in Manhattan with her teacher Alan Finger, Jean developed and implemented a teacher training program for 2 major yoga studios in New York (Be Yoga and Yoga Works) which both gained a solid reputation among yoga teacher trainings. She is a teacher of teachers. Jean, considered a “Yoga authority” on iyoga Life, is currently director of the Workshop Program at ISHTA Yoga, teaches in NYC, and has been featured in many magazines highlighting her yoga career and in over 30 television episodes of “Yoga Zone” which were broadcast nationally and are currently available as retail dvds. Learn more about Jean on her website.

Natalie Magee, our fitness contributor and blogger:  Yoga teacher and barre and instructor in Denver, Colorado. Natalie had her first child in 2013, and she has created a pregnancy workout series for us. And soon, a post-pregnancy workout series for Happiness Series. She also be shares the peaks and valleys of her life as a yoga teacher, new mom, wife, and writer. We’re thrilled Natalie is one of our most popular fitness contributors. And she now writes a column exclusive to Happiness Series called “Baby & Beyond – What No One Else Will Tell You.”