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Dr. Matthew Welsh J.D., Ph.D is founder of Spiritual Media Blog. This site features guest posts, articles, interviews, and reviews about spirituality, psychology, and inspirational entertainment. After graduating from law school Dr. Welsh created Spiritual Media Blog to be a source of inspirational content, media, and entertainment. He began his career in Hollywood working for an entertainment agency, the William Morris Agency, and then as a trial lawyer for the Department of Child Services in Indiana. He realized that he was not happy working as a lawyer. So, he quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his calling to become a psychologist and obtained his PhD in Psychology. He now works as a full-time psychologist. Spiritual Media Blog is a creative outlet for his passions related to psychology, spirituality, and inspirational entertainment. His hope for Spiritual Media Blog is that it provides you with content that is practical, inspirational, and entertaining.



How to be authentic when you are feeling imperfect One of my life goals is to be authentic. Initially, this may seem or sound simple. Being authentic simply means to be yourself, speak your truth, or be true to yourself. However, one of the hardest parts about being authentic is recognizing that I am not […]

5 Meditation tips for an overactive mind

Meditation Tips

5 Meditation Tips for an Overactive Mind Many gurus, spiritual teachers, and psychologists talk about how meditation is easy, relaxing, and soothing.  This may be true for some people. However, for those of you, like myself, who have an overactive mind, meditation never really has come easy to me and sometimes it is not exactly relaxing […]