Weekly Astrology December 10-16, 2018

From December 10th to the 16th creating harmony against the tide of the natural world is achieved with difficulty.  In the process of working through difficulties in our public life, relationships in our private lives improve.  Innovation opens many doors.  Taking time to thank people for assistance brings a boon.
astrology by Bob Mulligan moon phases and planets
10th – Monday –  Life is an adventure; nervous tension propels many people forward.  Staying relaxed and on task keeps us in a joyful mood.  We have our own ideas which may not involve others. Establishing our independence could be the first step to a new life.
11th – Tuesday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto –  Trying to accomplish too much can drain our vitality without paying any dividends.  Distrust of others brings isolation.  Trouble is brewing when unrecognized and unprocessed emotions power our thought process.  This is a great time for probing our feelings as we reflect on recent history.
12th – Wednesday –  Mercury enters Sagittarius –  Having faith in life is a big step in achieving harmony with the universe.  When our cause is just, help arrives in time.  Self honesty comes in stages; each step allows us to realize more of our potential.
13th – Thursday –  Sharing our dreams brings more people into our world.  When our focus is on one person or project we find fulfillment.  When we are spread too thin, not much is accomplished.
14th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Passion is a power to be reckoned with.  We are lucky if we know what winning really looks like.  A lot of progress is made quickly.  This is one of those reflective moments where we must be careful what we wish for.
15th – Saturday – Uranus Semi-square Neptune –  The stage is set for a large scale surprise. Cultural changes emerge from this starting point and will manifest throughout the rest of December and on into the new year.  We experience tension between our emotional needs and our goals. It’s best to not take eruptions in family life too seriously; they will pass.
16th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Venus, Venus Sextile Saturn –   Helping others by asking more from ourselves is a bridge to a quieter future.  Collective expectations create a grand stage for us to play out our own private dramas.  There are so many nice people in our lives; we just have to look around and acknowledge them

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