Weekly Astrology: December 17-23, 2018

From December 17th to the 23rd giving and receiving love is the dominant theme. Taking in a live performance will lighten everyone’s sprits.  Music, drama, acts of kindness put us in a progressive frame of mind.  We get further if we are sure of our goal.  This can be a pleasant moment to just float.

astrology by Bob Mulligan

17th – Monday – Mars Sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Pluto –  Less talk and more action puts us in tune with ourselves.  Arguments come as a byproduct of being in a hurry.  Many people struggle with mixed emotions; the best we can do is to project happiness, be forgiving, and make sure we clear with everyone around us.
18th – Tuesday –  Everything seems to take longer than it should.  We easily float into fantasy.  This is really ok, but we do need to accomplish a few tasks today, which can’t happen until someone or something else arrives.  Hopefully, we pass time with comfortable and pleasant things while we wait. 
19th – Wednesday –   Some difficulties in romantic relationships emerge when we have inner conflict. We can’t project clarity to others when we are working against ourselves.  Taking time to really know what we want energizes us.  Great force enlivens every relationship when we follow our heart with courage.
20th – Thursday –  Sun Trine Uranus –  The price of freedom is surrendering our need for attachment.  Liberation comes as we embrace the spirit of the moment and are willing to put thoughts into actions. Talking a good revolution is different than actually becoming involved.
21st – Friday –  Venus Trine Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Capricorn –   This is why we are here.  Unforgettable love, creativity, luck, abundance; it is all available.  We just have to know how to ask.  Rapid real progress can be made if we are brave enough to act.
22nd – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, the Full Moon is at zero degrees of Capricorn/Cancer –  Consolidate gains.  Enough has been achieved for the moment.  Wise people will relinquish the need for material security in order to achieve something much more permanent.  We are at the turning point.
23rd – Sunday –  This is the time for heart opening.  Happiness comes from sharing our true feelings.  Artistic expression is amplified; it’s a great time to create and enjoy.  Take in some uplifting performance and you will feel its transformative power.



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