Weekly Astrology December 1-9, 2018

From December 1st to the 9th is a ground clearing time.  We should get rid of everything that has outlived its usefulness.  The past is frozen, but there are a few lingering considerations that we can put to rest; it’s time to get closure.  A clean slate helps us recognize genuine opportunity.


1st – Saturday –  Mercury enters Scorpio, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Even though our habits may be fairly fixed, we need to be certain that we are progressing along the right lines.  If corrections are needed, now is the time.  Getting our ideas across will go smoothly if we take the initiative.   A little kindness and understanding go a long way.
2nd – Sunday –  Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Venus enters Scorpio, Sun Parallel Pluto, Sun Square Mars –  Standing firm on our opinions can further our cause as long as we don’t use them as a weapon.  Others may say things to us that they later regret.  It is a blessing if we don’t overreach.  Our initial impulses may be missing the mark.  We get further if we are patient.
3rd – Monday –  If we take a moment to imagine a better world, a creative thought process promotes  real understanding.  Passions are powerful; when correctly aimed, they will bring real results.  An attitude of collective problem solving brings a new cohesiveness.
4th – Tuesday –  Artistic pursuits are favored.  Limiting the scope of activity to the most important subjects promises success and a feeling of satisfaction.
5th – Wednesday –  Sun Square Neptune –  Meditation is better than escapist activities.   Playfulness is healing; our responsibilities will still need to be taken up later.  But what the heck.  Life is too short to work all the time.
6th – Thursday –  Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury turns Direct –  Taking bold steps may seem like a good idea.  We will be happier in the long run if we plan, but keep our thoughts to ourselves until the weekend.
7th – Friday –  The New Moon on the 15th degree of Sagittarius is at 2:20 AM EST, Mars Parallel then Conjunct Neptune, Sun Parallel Saturn, Mars Semi-square Uranus –  We are apt to be influenced by other people’s enthusiasm.  Assessing ideas on their own merit is better than moving with the tide of the culture.  Harnessing the passions of the moment to something that really matters can be most beneficial.  New Moon days are a good time for outlining plans for the coming month.  This one is especially promising.
8th – Saturday –  Venus Contra-parallel Uranus –  Trying something new is not only rewarding, but may be necessary.  Change for its own sake is meaningless, but if it gets us out of a rut, it may have served its purpose.  We can cement bonds with co-thinkers, then our public life enriches our private affairs.
9th – Sunday –  Resting today will be more productive than pushing into the world of practicality.  Down time is a blessing; when we are required to perform mundane tasks, the smartest thing is to execute them in the prescribed traditional manner, and stay emotionally neutral.

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