December 2018

Mercury turns Direct on the 6th, enters Sagittarius on the 12th,  then Conjuncts Jupiter on the 21st.  This will be the third and final Conjunction of these two until January 2020.  Mercury, Jupiter, and Sagittarius all have to do with information, travel and expansion. December will be adventuresome and exploratory.  We are apt to concoct big ideas, make plans, and initiate new endeavors.  Success is dependent on getting our details handled correctly.  Many great ideas can be thrown off kilter through overreach.  Mars is in Pisces all month, conveying an aura of idealism to all our plans. On the 7th, Mars is Parallel and Conjunct Neptune.  Reason takes a backseat to passion.  

Northern Lights

Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn on the 27th foreshadows the coming events of 2020 (as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be in Capricorn).  Both gods are in their own signs (Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn). They easily work in harmony with our outlook if we keep our spirits up and play by the rules. Progress is incremental.  Uranus is Semi-square Neptune on the 15th.  Innovation is favored in response to the necessary earth changes coming about.  We will see this reflected in our economy as both the stock market and real estate move sideways with some recurring blips.   We are happiest if we remain still; watch and wait.
Emotional energy drives decision; reason is in short supply.  People are more likely to hold tenaciously to ridiculous beliefs and be unusually combative.  Our best strategy is to remain light hearted, avoid arguments, be cautious with expenditures, and wait till mid-January to make major changes.
The New Moon December 7th at 2:20 AM EST is on the 15th degree of Sagittarius. With the New Moon Squaring the Mars Neptune Conjunction in Pisces,  big ideas will be promoted with abandon. Over the next month we are apt get ahead of ourselves.  We can spend too much, take on too many activities, and wander from one celebratory activity to another.  The real purpose of this month is for us to recharge, rest, plan, clarify our beliefs.  Some powerful idealism or belief can animate much of the population.  With Mercury just having turned Direct at the tail end of Scorpio, good ideas abound; but unless we are appealing to feelings, most people will not listen.  Venus Opposes Uranuswith both Squaring the Nodal axis; interruptions and unexpected intervention into our plans by outside forces can keep us on the edge of our chair all month.  Enjoy the excitement but don’t drink the Kool-Aid .
Sun enters Capricorn (the Winter Solstice) December 21st at 5:24 PM EST.  This chart shows world events until the first day of spring.  With Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all in their own signs, this will be a powerful period of change.  The two feminine deities are in aspect to Neptune: Moon Square, Venus Trine.  Some key changes in female leadership in government is likely.  This is a time of seeking harmony (Venus) quietly but firmly, as  Mars in Pisces is Trine the North Node in Cancer; we are ruled by our feelings as our emphatic responses open us to other people’s lives.  With Mercury Conjunct Jupiter and Square Neptune, our Higher Mind and the voice of conscience is working overtime.  Saturn Sextile Neptune (with both in their own signs): a new and promising vision of relationships begin to manifest. The building will begin in the material world over the next three months. We become more attuned to the world’s new direction.
The Full Moon is on the 22nd at 12:48 PM EST at 0 Capricorn/Cancer.  The Tibetan (who gave all of the books to Alice Bailey) said in “Esoteric Astrology” that the doorway into creation is 0Cancer; the doorway out of creation is 00 Capricorn.  Venus in Scorpio is Semi-square the Sun, Sesquiquadrate the Moon and Trine Neptune.  Venus in Scorpio is strong, but can be fixated on the wrong thing.  Inevitably, her voice will be heard on every project (great or small) over the next two weeks.  Artistic expression during the holiday season should be astounding.

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