Astrology for December 2017

Mercury Retrograde on the Full Moon, 

December 2017 has large amounts of mental activity.  Mercury spends the entire month in Sagittarius, turning Retrograde on the 3rd, and turning Direct on the 22nd.  This three week period is destined to be a time of rapid changes; we will edit our past words and behavior; several of our key decisions and attitudes come under scrutiny.  Mercury Retrogrades at the time of the Full Moon and turns Direct at the Winter Solstice.  This gives extra emphasis to the life changing property of these moments. On the 9th, Mars (individual energy) enters Scorpio, giving extra potency to all our desires and activities.  Saturn goes into Capricorn on the 19th where he will be until March of 2020.   Saturn is the lord of karma and will reward us in style during the next two years.  We will harvest what we have planted, as the wheels of justice will roll over us during this time.

December 3rd brings the Full Moon at 10:46 AM EST on the 11th degree of Sagittarius/Gemini.   Both Sun and Moon are Square to Neptune in Pisces. This T-Square is in Mutable signs showing a movement of mental energy to stay on track in our lives.  Mercury (ruler of thinking) is on the last degree of Sagittarius, Conjunct Saturn (lord of discipline), and Stationary Retrograde.  This places great emphasis on our need to think and rethink our current situation.  Jupiter in Scorpio is Trine to Neptune, indicating that we need to have faith and trust our true ethical compass to align us with our intuition and carry us beyond the limitations of ordinary logic, encouraging us to even challenge our own perceptions of situations that conflict with our intuitions.

The New Moon on the 18th of December at 1:30 AM EST occurs on the 26th degree of Sagittarius, Conjunct the Galactic Center, and close to Saturn on the last degree of Sagittarius. Saturn, the Nodes of the Moon and Jupiter are on the World Point (0 degrees cardinal and 15 degrees fixed). This gives a solemn tone to the month, even though this New Moon is all about expansion.  Saturn is only a few degrees away from the New Moon and just getting ready to cross into Capricorn. This is a time of deep transition; we are moving into a more serious period.  Dedication to a cause and honesty will be important virtues over the next month.  We are at our best and most successful when discipline and caution guide our steps.

 The Sun enters Capricorn giving us the Winter Solstice on December 21st at 11:27 AM EST.  The Sun is applying to the Conjunction of Saturn (serious security focus).  Both are in hard aspect to Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon, promising that even though this period may be bumpy, the right people will show up to lighten our load.   A certain reserve will dominate the next three months.  Mercury is Stationary Direct on the Heliocentric Node of Uranus (spontaneous urge for freedom) Squaring Neptune (idealism). It is easy for us to be fooled by appearances and projections of what we believe must happen.  With Mercury also Trine the North Node of the Moon (connections), we can get on the right track if we listen to our heart (as the Node is in Leo).  Venus is Square Uranus pushing us toward adventure.


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