Astrology for December 1-3, 2017

From December 1st through the 3rd enthusiasm borders on fanaticism.  Many good things emerge spontaneously.  Recruiting others to our cause comes through being emotionally attuned to the moment.  When we are advancing an ideal, the more specific we are, the greater our chances for success.  Good ideas can float away if they aren’t anchored in practical, time bound details.  Planning harnesses the energy of the moment.

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1st – Friday – Venus enters Sagittarius, Mars Opposite Uranus, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Freedom and adventure call us;  how we respond to this invitation reveals how the next few days will go.  Our urge for change, when connected to our enthusiasm, gives us the power to remake some aspect of our daily lives.

2nd – Saturday –  Sun Semi-square Mars, Jupiter Trine Neptune –  Our urge to materialize an ideal gets a boost; changes in circumstances are easily interpreted as support from the cosmos.  Promptings from others encourage us to commit to things far away.  We do best to enjoy the moment; take some steps forward but always keep your eyes focused on long term goals.

3rd – Sunday – Mars Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury turns Retrograde, Sun Square Neptune, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter, the Full Moon is 11 Degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini, Venus Semi-square Pluto, Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  If we are “quick on the trigger” we may be miles down the road in the wrong direction.  Still, decisions need to be made; actions need to be taken.  Slimming down our demands helps us locate what is truly important.


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