The Art of Airing Dirty Laundry on Twitter

Claire Meyer and Alan Linic are a relatively new couple. They started dating in March, and a mere five months later, they took a very, very big step together: they started a Twitter account. But in case you’re about to barf at the sheer cuteness of such a move, let me set your mind at ease: Claire and Alan have gone against the grain, and instead of sharing their love over social media, they’re letting the world know how disgruntled they can get with the other on a daily basis. Halle-freakin-lujah.

Screen shot of the happy fighting couple's twitter page

Their Twitter handle is @WeFoughtAbout and the couple mentions all fights, big and small, as their tagline states.

They certainly don’t shy away from putting everything out there. The two 24-year-olds range from the ridiculous “Alan got jealous of a pear” and “Claire couldn’t get my attention because I was reading” to relatable things that we would all get annoyed about (we meaning women, and who’s going to disagree with me here?!) like “Alan didn’t tell me he was coming home a hour late”  and “I threw Claire’s words in her face.” Rude!

While I wouldn’t necessarily air my own dirty laundry on social media because God almighty do I hate when people share anything big OR small on Facebook (you’re watching The Voice with your boyfriend, awesome. My world has been set on fire), but I like this couple’s approach. Confronting the fight, making light of it and making it over is the way to go. When something bothers you, however tiny, and you let it fester, it becomes a big problem. Claire and Alan are acknowledging that something bothers them and then getting over it. Bravo!

But again, as amusing as it is, I wouldn’t do it. These kids are 24. A lady never tells her age, but let’s just say I’m a wee bit older, and thus, I can’t imagine airing my dirty laundry so publicly, even if said laundry looks like my completely age inappropriate yet completely awesome Oscar the Grouch undies. I prefer to take the concept this couple has done so well and so adorably (adorkably? Damn you Zooey Deschanel!) and apply it to real life. When I have a problem, I tell my boyfriend. We talk about it. We get over it.

Take that Twitter — you’re blocked.



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