Happy Holidays! Time to LOVE Your Way

You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive. – Diana Vreeland

You Are Beautiful by Tiggular (Image from tiggular.deviantart.com)

You are amazing! You are Powerful… Talented… Intelligent… Stunning… Brilliant… A beautiful person.

But how attractive are you?

We are all attractive. We are human magnets, drawing energy and limitless possibilities towards us, all the time. When I say attractive, I am not talking about what our social, cultural or tribal mores deem to be beautiful. I guess our attractiveness really depends on how much we are willing to allow in to our lives.

At this time of year, we can look back at 2013 and recognize what has transpired in our lives. For me, I recognize that on paper it’s been a great year. No, an AWESOME year! I am humbled by all the blessings that have come my way. At the same time, I am profoundly aware of those actions that have held me back, on some level, from fully embracing growth.

As we prepare for the end of this year, I’d like to share some reminders as to how to be more attractive, and receptive to even more blessings to come:

Acceptance of who you are today, where you are, and what has transpired in your life. Good or bad, every experience is a lesson on some level. You get to decide if it will hold you back or propel you forward. I always say, “A foundation of acceptance will help you find your own personal footing.” At any point of transformation a person has to accept the current conditions in order to create deeper change.

Find your breath: either through meditation or any breathing practice (yoga, biofeedback, etc.). Breathing is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. You are always doing it. Learn to breathe in a way that works for you. It will allow you to take in more of what life has to offer.

Breathe in LOVE.

Breathe in success

Breathe in your true flow.

Lastly, learn to say YES to what is offered to you: a compliment, a present, a smile, a heart, a thank you. Open yourself to receive what is given and, more importantly, what is already there.

You are a brilliant spark! I, for one, am blessed to know that you are with me on this journey of life.

You are so ATTRACTIVE.  😉

Happy Holidays!

LOVE your way and

Create a beautiful day!



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About the Author: Tony LeRoy (www.tonyleroy.com) is a psychic and life coach with over 17 years of experience, whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling.” Tony is a healer and a guide who works to help clients discover their own power to create their own life. Tony has been based in both New York and Los Angeles for several years. He’s interested in the work of healers like Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman and Caroline Myss. He feels a strong kinship to the deep spiritual investigation of Joseph Campbell and Andrew Harvey. Recently, he’s taken that spiritual investigation and healing quest further by offering workshops with people such as therapist and shamanic counselor Nancy Arann. Tony is often featured in Happiness Series videos sharing his insights, and he writes regularly for our site. Tony was recently a guest on Dr. Oz, guiding millions to open their hearts and tap into their own intuition.

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