Weekly Forecast December 1-9

From December 1st to the 9th we find early promise of focusing on the collective good compromised as we get intensely involved in our own personal lives. This is really ok as we have discovered some good formulas for our future direction; but first we need to take care of a few things from our past.

Stars in the sky

1st – Saturday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Quincunx Jupiter, Mars Quincunx Jupiter – Abrupt changes in circumstances can be un-nerving. However, if we concentrate on our key relationships we have a unique opportunity to take a giant step forward and to gain a new understanding of something of enduring importance.

2nd – Sunday – Sun Opposite Jupiter – Optimistic feelings about the future can push us toward decisions that obligate us and require massive effort later on… focusing on the most critical projects gives us success.

3rd – Monday – We progress quickly if we keep our eyes on our ultimate goal. Obstacles can only slow us down if we give them attention. Concentrating on what we want is the path to achievement.

4th – Tuesday – Our emotional impressions can be so far out in front of our thoughts and actions that we can inadvertently create difficulties for ourselves. Reestablish balance before taking action.  And, it is ok to just wait rather than making a mistake.

5th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto – True healing comes by letting go of old negative feelings and focusing exclusively on the real origin of the problems at hand.

6th – Thursday – Sun Semi-sextile Mars – Our assertive nature can bring us to the limits of our own development. We have an opportunity to strike a new balance between the various tendencies within our own nature. Self initiative is tempered by reflection on the social bonds that make everyone’s progress possible.

7th – Friday – Mars Semi-square Neptune, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus – Genuine bonding takes place when we are able to raise our instinctive impulses to their higher manifestation. We can have chaos or beauty. Love is found through personal refinement.

8th – Saturday – Saturn Parallel Neptune – We have a golden opportunity to manifest our heart’s desire. It is never more obvious than now as to how our own fears and fantasies can prohibit us from getting along with our lives. Tell the people you love your true feelings.

9th – Sunday – Measured steps offset a blazing intensity. We are determined to get our way but are happiest when we allow space for others.




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