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Here’s our interview with fitness contributor Ben Davis. Ben teaches a kick-ass class in Denver at Qi and he never fails to inspire his students to work harder, get stronger, feel better, more fit. We’re thrilled we can share with you some of Ben’s best workouts (and they’re all under 10 minutes!) to help you get the body you want. Now on to his Q & A…

Ben Davis flies into crow

Ben Davis: “I have been a yoga/fitness instructor for 3 years and like to focus on strength and endurance training. But it is the mental state that is cultivated through physically challenging exercises that I like to teach and bring awareness to. When you can meet the challenges you face with a calm and relaxed mind, then you can do anything.”

Q: Why did you become a yoga/spin teacher?

A: I was encouraged by a teacher to take a my first yoga teacher training and after training everything else just fell into place.

Q: What inspired you to work in fitness?

A: I enjoy being active. and I was able to create my own schedule. Plus I get to share what I enjoy doing to help me stay fit with other people as my job. It couldn’t be better!

Q: What was your work before fitness?

A: My college degree is in Art Management, and I worked on the administrative side of the performing arts for an opera company and a theatre company.

Ben, chillaxing in the pool, post-workout.

Q: What in your day makes you happiest?

A: Being able to do whatever I want to do with every day that I have.

Q: What’s your favorite workout?

A: I love practicing yoga to help me take care of my body.  To make it more of a work out I like to do yoga sculpt (yoga with weights).

Q: Any tips or advice for people about fitness and diet?

A: The more time you take off or away from the good habits that you create in your routine, the harder it is to get back on the wagon and stay consistent. In order to get the results that you want you have to be consistent in your habits. Stick with it!.

Q: What do you do/eat to stay healthy and strong?

A: I consume plant protein after working out and try to put as much natural/organic food in my body as I can.

Q: What makes you feel good?

A: Resting and watching football after a long hard week!

Q: What is your favorite thing about your work?

A: Being a yoga instructor is a constant practice of giving and receiving both as a teacher and student. They go hand in hand- allowing me to constantly grow and learn as both student and teacher.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve been given regarding health & fitness?

A: Work hard, play hard!

Q: Why is fitness important?

A: Your health is the most important thing that you have.  Fitness is a big part of taking care of your personal health. Once your health starts to go, life becomes more difficult to enjoy on an active and physical level. You have to be active to stay active and that is why fitness is so important.



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