January 2013

Even though every month has many aspect patterns, January of 2013 is really a working out of things in motion for the last several months. With Mars (god of war) moving into a Square with the nodal axis (symbol of collective development), we will find a need to let go of ideas as well as groups that have outlived their usefulness. Mars is in Aquarius (sign of collective good). Our immediate path to freedom is in finding a method of aligning our personal desires with the larger needs of society.

The New Moon occurs on January 11th at 2:44 PM EST on the 21st degree of Capricorn. With half of our stellar bodies in Capricorn, the mutual reception between Pluto (god of life and death) and Saturn (lord of limits) becomes central. As Saturn in Scorpio rules Capricorn (sign of structure) and Pluto rules Scorpio (the sign of endings). This is a time of finding our limits and working within them. Venus (goddess of love) is Sextile Neptune (god of culture) and Square Uranus (god of revolution); this shows that we are all striving for a higher love and are being called upon to make sacrifices. This will be a month of hard work but great rewards.

The Sun enters Aquarius January 19th at 4:52 PM EST. This solar month is dominated by the Moon (the public) opposite Saturn (obligations) showing that collectively we have arrived at the limits of growth. We have taken some important steps in the last four months and we have reached a time of consolidation. However, the Trine to Venus and the position of the Moon between Uranus and Jupiter signals that we must not give way to fear. We must confront limitations and be willing to endure the stress of current developments.

The Full Moon is January 26th at 11:38 PM EST on the 7th degree of Leo/Aquarius. Both Venus (feminine energy) and Mars (masculine energy) are in aspect to the North Node of the Moon (our karmic direction). This shows that we are rapidly forced to deal with physical issues of the way men and women relate. We are in a time of cultural transformation that started in 2011 and goes on until 2025.  Neptune (god of culture) is transiting through his own sign Pisces (symbol of union). The plight of male/female relationships are transforming. In a second we can renounce the limiting beliefs and practices that have imprisoned us in the past. Equality, balance, love, and justice can be more that just nice concepts; they can be the foundation of a new way of being.




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