Weekly Astrological Forecast December 26-31

From December 26th to the 31st stillness hangs over the world as we are preparing for a gigantic shift, which in reality has already happened, we just have to recognize it. Powerful feelings can be the energy used for true healing.

26th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto – Ordinary methods of proceeding are blocked….We have to switch our way of doing things in order to feel effective.  We need to be grateful for small gains and allow circumstances around us to germinate for a while.

27th – Tuesday – It is a powerful and very social day…It is as if the world is more peaceful and innovative solutions present themselves.  Friendships matter and this is the time to cultivate the positive connections with people.

28th – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – We move like a steamroller directly toward our goals.  Our vision is  focused on things unseen so it may take extra work to incorporate the will and intention of the people around us.  Take the time to listen.

29th – Thursday – Sun Conjunct Pluto, Venus Parallel Pluto – We can have deep connections with others if we are able to find balance between our personal life and our professional goals.  Be willing to reformulate underlying assumptions about how you spend your resources and time. Some things that seem necessary really aren’t; discard them.

30th – Friday – Everyone seems to be jumpy…our central nervous system seems to be doing some new exercise.  Conflict can emerge through misunderstandings.  So many things that seem urgent are not very important; enjoy the excitement without being swept away by it.

31st – Saturday – The pace of life picks up as we feel an urge to complete a few things on the last day of the year.  Even though there is tremendous energy now, finding inner peace does not necessarily mean spending time in isolation, it can just mean enjoying the moment without expectations.

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About the Author: Bob Mulligan, an astrologer with clients and students all over the world, is a celebrated astrologer, since 1974. Bob sees clients and operates THE MASTERY OF ASTROLOGY™ correspondence school. Both his chart interpretation program INDRA, and book, “BETWEEN ASTROLOGERS AND CLIENTS” receive praises. He is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail [email protected] Visit his web site, http://theastrologycompany.com. Bob writes an astrological forecast for the day, week, and month for Happiness Series.

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