How to Tap into your Intuition

We are all intuitive. How do you tap into your intuition. Get into alignment. Get into the flow. Take a deep breath. What does being in the flow mean? It means feeling in alignment, working with our intuition, synchronicity, feeling good regardless of what’s going on around us. How do we get there? Meditation, being present to our lives, living in the moment. Being present is the only way to get there.

To prepare for writing this blog about the episode with Tony LeRoy about Intuition, I watched the episode and then I meditated. And… it was a monkey mind kinda day. I didn’t drop in and tune out; I didn’t have an epiphanies. My foot itched, my jaw was tight. I felt tired and uninspired… while I was meditating! I got annoyed I wasn’t in the flow which took me more out the flow. I was so inspired by this episode I thought for sure this blog would just flow. So why wasn’t it? It’s like Tony says, “when you’re feeling like you’re stuck in any part of your life, then that means you’re out of alignment.” I wasn’t in alignment because I wasn’t PRESENT. Okay, deep breath. The great thing about this practice of being in the flow is that you can start it right now. If you weren’t in alignment 30 minutes ago, you can stop, take a breath, and get into the moment. It’s never too late to live in the NOW. Wow, epiphany!

I watched the episode again. And I just watched; I wasn’t thinking about having write a blog or what I had to do next. I just watched it… in the moment. And my intuition, said “write.”

Look, we are all intuitive. And we all have the ability to tap into our intuition and be in alignment. How do we do that if we’ve lost our way? Breath. All of us can take a deep breath, be still, and be present for one second. If we can do it for one second, we can do it for a minute, and then 5, and then through our whole day. Slow down, notice things. Ask yourself the question, write it down: “what is my day going to be like?” Let your imagination focus on that question. Ask, go throughout the day, and see where your answers are… Remember: the more you practice using your intuition the better your day will flow, the easier things will be, the happier you will be.


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