This holiday give yourself the gift of presence.

As Tony says, “We’re all intuitives.” I call it following my gut. For a long time I didn’t know it was the same thing. When I had that realization I was amazed how often I squashed ideas that came up and discounted the intentions that I set for my day as coincidences. My parents would always say to me growing up, “Follow your gut,” and “Trust your gut.” I understood it up to a point. As time went on, and I ignored my gut, my mind would take over… I ended up talking myself out of what my gut was telling me. Don’t forget: If you keep on ignoring your gut, how is it going to be there when you really need it? How will you know?

Watching this episode about intuition, I noticed, and Tony mentioned the intensity with which I set up my day. When he told me to just allow it to happen it immediately took the pressure off. It changed me, even physically, and I became at ease in that moment.

So, what I’ve been practicing since then is focusing on my gut and not my thoughts. Every time I get that feeling, you know the one, in the middle of your tummy, I listen to it. Especially with little things like traffic, “Which road to take?” I used to go back and forth…”which way?” My mind would usually win over my gut, and I would hit terrible traffic and say,”I knew I shouldn’t have gone this way!”

I know this seems really small but whenever I start small and pay attention to details it slows my mind down, and my day flows with great ease. It doesn’t mean I’m not challenged; it means I don’t lose myself in it. Plus, when the “big stuff” happens we are in better shape to handle it.

My hope is we accept our gift of intuition and build that “gut muscle” which will support us and let us allow our lives to flow.

Another great bonus… paying close attention to our gut keeps us present.

Holiday time is a great time to give yourself the present of presence!

Happy Holidays!!!



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About the Author: Sheila Heylin, the knowledgeable host of Happiness Series, lives in Chicago and Los Angeles. It was in LA where Sheila discovered healthy living. She realized that “what you’re not used to and what you hate are two different things.” She and Tania partnered to create Happiness Series and build an online and offline community that fosters wellness and happiness.

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