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Is Christmas Really The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year For Relationships?

Beware: the holidays are a danger zone for rocky relationships

In 1963, singer Andy Williams oozed holiday cheer as he warbled: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There be much mistletoe-ing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near.” Ol’ Andy clearly wasn’t suffering from the relationship blues — though many do around the holidays. Yup, it’s one of the three major times o’ year for ending that not-so-perfect relationship.

Loving the illusion of happily ever after during the holidays

Last year, London-based author, writer an designer David McCandless conducted a Facebook study charting the use of the word ‘break-up’…and found some interesting results. After scanning 10,000 status updates over a yearlong period, he realized that, while the holidays may be merry for some, the majority of users were in the process of getting their hearts broken (the other times of year for heartbreak included just before Spring break and just before the summer holidays).

That’s enough to make anyone a Scrooge, no?

Not exactly. There’s always a different way to look at a bad situation.

Say you’ve been holding on desperately to the guy you know isn’t quite right for you. He treats you badly, he’s never complimented you and he can’t bother to pick up the phone to call more than once a week. Do you need a man like that in your life? You might think so, but the correct answer is HECK NO!

But then said ‘boyfriend’ realizes he doesn’t want to waste his money (or his time, honestly) on you: and you find yourself singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and watching Love, Actually on repeat, blubbering “But he was the one!”

The definitive holiday movie of a generation

Here’s the truth: in a month or two you’ll get over it. And two months from that — or six, whatever — a cute guy at Starbucks takes your grande vanilla nonfat latte instead of his grande vanilla soy latte. You laugh at the easy mistake, exchange numbers and BOOM! A year later, you’re engaged.

The moral of this story: you’ll never find the right person if you don’t let go of the wrong one.

So do yourself a favor this holiday season — do what will make you happy in the long run. If you’re constantly doubting a relationship, or the other person makes you feel bad, sad or mad on a regular basis, it isn’t right. Just think who could be waiting for you out there when you let go of the person that didn’t deserve you in the first place.

And on that note — how’s this for positivity and happiness? Not even the hardest of hearts can break someone else’s on December 25: Christmas day is the lowest day for breakups of the year.



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