Astrological Forecast for December 2011

December 2011

The winter solstice is this month

The whole month serves as a reminder that we only own what we give to others.  This is an exciting time, but it is still just “the calm before the storm.” Helping others is a good method for overcoming any fears of inadequacy. The ongoing major aspects between planets fail to come to exactitude, but do become activated by the personal planets all month; these aspects point to a large scale cultural transition which began in 2008 and won’t be complete until 2015.  Even though there is pain in the world, this month is relatively peaceful; this is a time to appreciate the goodness of the world in which we live.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs December 10th at 9:38 AM EST. Eclipses are an intensification of thought processes.  We usually associate them with external phenomena because they occur at the time of external changes in the world: earthquakes, political disruption, natural disasters, and weather extremes.  “But why?” we may ask.  They are the externalization of a universal thought process reaching a conclusion.  Lunar Eclipses are about endings.  With Mercury (messenger of the gods) Retrograde, and closing in on a Trine to Uranus (god of higher thought) we are turning back and picking up a key we saw before.  This allows us to jettison the entrapping mindset we have been living in.  Mars (god of war) is in Virgo (sign of analysis) Squaring the Eclipse. This release of higher mental energy allows us to embrace the change that is upon us.

The Sun enters Capricorn at 12:30 AM EST on December 22nd. This is our Winter Solstice. This moment not only describes the circumstances for the next Solar month, but also tells us of the events in the world over the next three months.  Two prominent features of this map are the Sun is Trine Jupiter and Square Uranus. This promises us abrupt and lucky changes.   It is also true that the Sun’s Conjunction to Pluto will give us an ironic foreshadowing of events coming over the next four years.

This last New Moon of the year comes on December 24th at 1:07 PM EST. Coming so close to the Winter Solstice and on Christmas Eve, there will be lots of excitement and personal expectations with it.  The New Moon is a time of renewal and rebirth. Pluto (god of life and death) being so close this lunation at the beginning of Capricorn (sign of structure) we need to release our own personal past in order to put our feet on solid ground as we enter the new year.  Mercury (god of information) is Conjunct the North Node of the Moon while ruling the South Node. This is a time of relating the ideas and facts we have gathered to fulfill a higher purpose.  Personal change is unavoidable now.

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