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From November 26th to the 30th recreation gives us a reprieve, a breather from normal tasks.  Relationships deepen when we relax.  It is easy, but unproductive, to become annoyed over things we don’t control. Give up worry.  We find fulfillment through people who reinforce our higher selves.  Romance, cultural pursuits, and the quest for freedom are personal themes now.

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26th – Monday –  Sun Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Square Mars, Sun Semi-square Pluto –  We need a higher vision of the truth in order to recalibrate our thinking.  Good fortune emerges when we put the needs of the larger group ahead of personal consideration.  Genuine happiness arrive in our lap when we least expect it. 
27th – Tuesday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Mars Sextile Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter –  Do we want refined sugar or brown rice?  We can get either today.  We are at a lucky moment.  Fortunate are those who aim for what will be good for us in the long run.  Today can be a lot of fun; our higher mind and our thoughts align.  We benefit immensely by assuming our position in the grand scheme.
28th – Wednesday – Venus Parallel Mars, Jupiter Semi-square Pluto –  Confidence is reaching a high note.   Old wounds can be healed.  Overextension, or breaking the law, will have unnecessary but natural consequences.  We do best when we express ourselves but still paint within the lines.
29th – Thursday –  Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune –  Baby steps, with an eye for detail, carry us to a new plateau.  Correctly handled, some hidden talent unfolds.  As a vision of beauty floods our senses, we get excited;  new possibilities come to us.
30th – Friday –  Venus Opposite Uranus –  Even though there is excitement in the air and we feel adventuresome, actually, we have been here before.  We have an opportunity to redo a relationship, an impulse, or a decision.  Dealing with people we know very well, now is the time to innovate.  We use past knowledge to create a different outcome.

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My trip to Myrtle Beach was great.  I was comatose for the first three days and gradually got my grounding back.  Spiritually it was very fulfilling.  Most of the time I was there I kept to myself and just read some of Meher Baba’s writings.  Venus was Retrograde;  a former romantic interest whom  I hadn’t seen in many years was there at the same time.  We had a short meeting which provided an opportunity to clear the past.
For quite some time I have suggested that the only way to get factual information about current world events is to either have a very wide variety of sources for information, or to unplug from all news.  I’ve unplugged.   Cancelled my subscription to the daily newspaper which I’ve had for more than 30 years, cancelled XM Radio, cancelled Business Week and all other magazine subscriptions.  Been without TV for many years.  That about covers it.  It’s a bold experiment. 
While at Myrtle Beach, I had a revelation to go back and reread Meher Baba’s four discourses called, “The Qualifications of the Aspirant”.  In the second of these discourses,  “Some Divine Qualities” contains advice on things I have been currently working on.  One aspect of this is learning to accept the world as it is. This I have found most difficult.  So, disconnecting from outside influences will hopefully bring about some relief from my own negative emotions that arise in response to the foolishness in this world of illusion.  Still, I work for the betterment of the world; I vote, stay active in the community.  But now I avoid symptoms of the disease of ignorance and do my best to just tackle my own personal ignorance.
Fall has come; many days pass with the doors and windows open; no need for heat or air conditioning.  Just fresh air and the sounds of the great outdoors.  The days are getting shorter and I get out for my morning walk later, usually.
Each one of the seven participants at last month’s workshop is a precious gem.  Every person took the time to share valuable suggestions about the material I have been working on all these years.  But most importantly, we all grew in spirit, getting closer to our real selves.
Katie has been an invaluable resource in helping bring my book to completion.  Now, my good friend, Deborah Smith,  has been reading the manuscript and offering extremely valuable insights.  We keep progressing.
“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~Buddha

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