Weekly Astrology Nov. 12-18, 2018

From November 12th to the 18th nervous tension runs amuck in our local communities.  There is a dividing line between jubilation and depression.  Friends are either happy or dower, depending on their feelings about the current world situation.  Our smartest strategy is to learn what we can, while keeping our heads down.

12th – Monday –  Even though we look to fulfilling some long held ideal, we need to consolidate our recent gains, then integrate what we have extracted into our daily lives.  Beautiful ideals not lived are relatively meaningless.
13th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-square Saturn –  Just because we have a slowdown doesn’t mean we were on the wrong track.  Sometimes a missed opportunity is fortuitous.  Everything works for our benefit; there is genuine luck now; we just have to know how to recognize, then access it.
14th – Wednesday –  We need other people’s involvement to complete certain things long in the making.  This is the last train out of the station.  Many things not completed now will be jettisoned. It’s ok; anything really important but undone will return later, in a different form.
15th – Thursday – Mars Sextile Uranus, Mars enters Pisces –  Our energy changes, brilliant insights give way to a deep empathy.  The heart is closer to the truth of our current situation.  Knowing all the right answers doesn’t satisfy a profound longing for a permanent Truth.
16th – Friday – Venus turns Direct, Mercury turns Retrograde –  It’s a changing of the guard.  If we are smart, we let our mind take a rest in an inner sanctuary; we review where we have been.  Honest self appraisal requires a comprehensive overview that only an enlightened heart center can provide.  What we have been doing is obviously not working; progressive steps means following our intuitions.
Mercury Retrograde, astrology

Mercury Retrograde

17th – Saturday – Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Venus –  Reaching for something new and magnificent doesn’t require rejecting everything from our past; however, we do have to carefully select the baggage we want to take on the next leg of our journey.
18th – Sunday –   Bold steps can be beneficial; our emotional needs are aligned with our quest for individual recognition. Even when everything goes swimmingly, we aren’t truly happy if we have left others behind.  Reigning in our enthusiasm, so we can more clearly focus on completing our responsibilities, paves the way for more productive connections with everyone in our lives.

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