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There is so much misinformation out there about what to eat and how to live life for optimum health; it can be daunting, sifting through all this data. In The Ageless Diet book, Tania Van Pelt shares her story. How she got well, lost inflammation and weight. She is now happier, healthier, even biologically younger than she was in her 20s. It wasn’t hard, but it did require going back to basics.

Tania believes we are designed for happiness. And for agelessness. We’ve just forgotten these fundamental truths, that good, whole foods, sleep, movement, and mindfulness can change our lives and our world. We don’t have to age and lose control of our bodies and minds as we get older, we can thrive until the day we die. We can look beautiful in our 40s, 50s, 60s, until our 90s and beyond. Life doesn’t end at 40; it begins when you embrace a lifestyle that supports and nourishes you. This book, this Ageless Lifestyle, will give you a master plan for maximum vibrancy. This is the map to the fountain of youth. Follow the 4 simple rules, use the meal plans, do the workouts, take the supplements, try the meditations—all available on the site—and you will feel better. You will look great. We’re meant for exuberant joyful living. 

Buy the book here or on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 


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