Weekly Forecast November 18-24

From November 18th through the 24th we may worry during this time that our primary love relationship has gone south.  But, our partners have also been in a period of introspection.  Be of good cheer.

Galaxy & Planet

18th – Monday – Excitement, bordering on agitation, can keep us looking for new ideas from every message that comes to us.  The best way forward is to keep an open mind but stay with what we know works.

19th – Tuesday – Mars Sextile Jupiter – We expand our horizons by reaching for what appears to be unobtainable.  Our careful attention to detail gets focused on our desire to create a stable home life.  This is the time to take care of the people that we have in our home environment.

20th – Wednesday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Sextile Pluto – We may feel confused or just overwhelmed; however, if we stand back and evaluate our current circumstances we can easily see that we are being prompted by the cosmos to seek refuge in a higher mental arena.  We are growing into a new level of consciousness.

21st – Thursday – Sun enters Sagittarius – Somehow, the things that were important yesterday seem less so now.  Home, family, and our own security blend well with our need to expand and find new adventures.  Luck is with us when we are willing to move forward.

22nd – Friday – Sun Semi-square Venus, Sun Parallel Pluto – Self-doubt can really slow us down; positive attention to the truly important values and principles allow us to move in the right direction even when we can’t see the path in front of us very clearly.  Working on our own is better than working in a contentious environment.

23rd – Saturday – Venus Sextile Saturn – After we have found common ground, it is important to commit to a course of action that benefits everyone.  Responsible action improves everyone’s life.  Commitment brings harmony.

24th – Sunday – Sun Square Neptune – Grandiose fantasies can mislead us but they can also teach us valuable lessons about our own inner life.  Now is a critical time for understanding our own projections of what is good and beautiful.  The real Truth is found by paying attention to our daydreams.



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