Get Grounded; Get What You Want

I’m a big fan of vision boards (or dream boards or treasure maps or whatever you want to call them). You know what I’m talking about, visualizing what you want in your life, the big house, the sailboat, the cute kids, the money, the watch, the whatever, and then finding pictures in magazines of images and words that resonate for you. Then you cut out those pictures and glue them on a poster board. You put it up on your wall, look at it for a while, focus on what you want, and viola, it magically appears! Right? Well, maybe not so fast. And maybe not that easily. Still, I do love the act of making a vision board. I feel artistic and creative, and it’s rewarding to find images and words that match how I feel about my life – the life I really want to be living. It’s also useful in a practical sense if you want to figure out how to decorate a room or create a collage around how you want to look and dress. It helps organize your ideas, thoughts and vision. Plus, did I mention, it makes me feel crafty and artistic?

A vision board I made a few years ago

Well, what about when you make a vision board at home with old magazine photos or you go online to and create your virtual vision board? (By the way, try DreamItAlive! It’s free and fun and inspiring, and it helps you ground your dream board with feelings around your dream.) And then you go about your day, your year, and nothing much changes. Or things change but not in the way you created online or offline on your dream board. How do you make your dream board or your vision board a reality? I have a good answer to this question!

I love - this site helps you ground your images of your dream board with thoughts and feelings.

Recently while shooting a few new videos for Happiness Series with an intuitive counselor in NYC, we got to talking about getting grounded. OK. Whatever that means. We know kind of what it means to get grounded. It means get real. Notice where you are right and how you are feeling. Accept what’s going on right now and move from that place. Create your vision of your life that you want from this grounded space. But how do you ground your dreams, your desires? And why is that important?

First, why is important to ground yourself in life and before you create your vision for how you want life to be?  It’s important because it gives you a base to move from that is solid and aware. How can you know what you want if you’re not really grounded in your life? I can’t. I couldn’t ground myself with money until I took a close look at what was going on right now with my finances.

Being grounded means being fully present. It means being aware of what is happening right now. When I am conscious and aware of myself, I get grounded, and I am able to ground my ideas and manifest them into something tangible. When I get grounded, I stay balanced and aligned no matter what is going on in life. I’m more able to control my reactions and to behave with love and compassion and clarity.

Once I get grounded I can look for images that resonate with me and create a dream board that really stands a chance in manifesting my heart’s desire.

Second of all, how do you do it? I’ll use an example from my life. I want to make more money. And this intuitive counselor I was working with suggested I get grounded in my finances. Great, but what does that mean? It means really look at the inflow and outflow of money in my life. Look at my bills, get real about what I need to cover my expenses and what I make. After I got grounded with my checkbook, I found it easier to create a plan of action and a dream board around finances and work.

Another easy way to get grounded throughout the day is to bring awareness into your body. Become conscious of where you are right now and what you are doing. What do you smell? What is the sound outside? Is the wind blowing? What’s the temperature of the room like? What does the tea you’re drinking taste like?

If you feel ungrounded, bring attention to your feet. They ground you. Wiggle your toes. Focus on the sensations you are feeling in your feet.

Once you’re grounded I think you’ll feel more powerful, more able to visualize and then create the life you want.

To feel grounded, focus on the world around you, be present, notice what's going on outside and inside.


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About the Author: Tania Van Pelt is the creator of Happiness Series. She is a writer and content creator, working in film, tv, and online. She wrote the popular lifestyle book "Ageless Diet," published in late 2015. And she is currently working on her next book. She also developed a sitcom pilot set in the restaurant business called "Employees Only TV" and is developing another web series comedy about Denver.

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