Astrological Forecast for November 2013

Solar eclipse this November 3rd

The whole month shows interesting stellar activity, and it starts with a bang. On the 1st we have the fourth of seven Uranus/ Pluto Squares. Each one of these has been a game changer, starting with the first one on June 24th, 2012.  The New Moon on the 3rd is an Eclipse, giving real potency to everything already in motion.  Every Eclipse profoundly alters some aspect of life on earth and this one is no different.  Mercury turns Direct on November 10th while making a Trine to Neptune. This will be a moment where we start picking up the pieces as the first week of November had some destruction.  Sometimes we have to break a container in order to live in a bigger world. What makes this month so unique is its pensive quality.  We are thrust into periods where we must accomplish many things without recourse to partnership or group action. Integration has to be a personal victory before it can be a public one.

The November 3rd New Moon Eclipse is on the 11th degree of Scorpio at 7:50 AM EST.  Scorpio is the sign of surgery and this Eclipse takes place with Mercury and Saturn together with the Sun and MoonSaturn in Scorpio uproots the difficulties hidden in the unconscious; Mercury is our reasoning ability which allows us to see what we must eliminate.  Pluto and Mars (the two rulers of Scorpio) are both planets which involve cutting; they are Trine each other with the Eclipse in the middle Sextiling each.  This pattern will be operative for several years and shows our need for removing the debris from our own unconscious mind. Mercury ends his Retrograde cycle a week later and will be in Trine to Neptune showing that compassionate understanding can lift us out of our self created difficulties.

The Full Moon is on November 17th at 25 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus. This is a time of letting go.  Both Mars and Jupiter favorably aspect this Full Moon, giving us the courage to release the old so that we can embrace the new. Jupiter is Retrograde in the sign Cancer emphasizing our need to be more intimately involved with our family and home. Venus is Conjunct Pluto and Squaring Uranus showing that we suffer because of our attachments to temporal material possessions; this Full Moon can be a time of release. Because Venus/Pluto are Trine the South Node of the Moon in Taurus, we can assume that this habit pattern of attachment will be hard to break, even though it is necessary in order to grow.

The Sun goes into Sagittarius November 21st at 10:49 PM EST. This Solar month will be one of a pensive return to familiar patterns of the past, shown by the Moon’s Conjunction to Jupiter in Cancer (sign of family) and its’ Trine to Saturn. Mercury is Conjunct the degree of the November 3rd Eclipse showing that we are coming to understand the magnitude of the changes we are in the midst of at the moment. With Mars in Virgo closely Sextiling the Moon/Jupiter we should have plenty of vitality to accomplish what is necessary.



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