10 Tips for Happiness in Your Life

Since I’ve been young I’ve wondered about happiness. What is it? What makes us happy? How can we increase our personal happiness? These thoughts recurred throughout my life until one day I decided to look for some answers.

I’d been unhappy in my job for some time and my girlfriend lived several hundred miles away, so I quit. I moved to live with my girlfriend (now wife) and spent the next year reading every scientific study about happiness I could lay my hands on, plus as much philosophy as I could fit in in between my “happiness” research. I wasn’t depressed or deeply unhappy, I just wanted to find answers to the questions I’d been asking myself for many years.

The results were startling, so I decided to put them down in a book, Happiness: A New Perspective. And now below are my top tips for happiness in your life. I hope they help and inspire you as much as they have me and my family.



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About the Author: James Hadley graduated from Oxford University in 2005. Since that time he has worked as a writer, accountant and occasional bookbinder. He has written on subjects ranging from happiness to children's fiction and currently lives in Liverpool with his wife and daughter. His most recent book is "Happiness: A New Perspective" - currently available on Amazon.com.

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