Tis the Season… for breaking up?

‘Tis(n’t) The Season To Shop…Holiday Buying Leads to Breakups!

How to break up during the holidays...

I recently read the results of a survey stating that half the couples polled got into arguments after holiday shopping together, and to that I have one response: that’s ALL? I’m shocked more didn’t actually break up!

OK, OK, OK, so I’m being a little dramatic. Whatevs. But in all seriousness, I’ve never been the kind of girl who wanted to drag my boyfriend on any kind of shopping excursion. Picking out clothes for him = frustrating. Picking out clothes for me = boring for him. Coupled with tinned Xmas carols on repeat and crazy crowds, you’ve got a recipe for disaster should you decide to hit the malls with your respective other.

During such a recent expedition with my own boyfriend, I was so frazzled after a mere two hours that I glugged a glass of wine and soothed myself with a little gratuitous Adam Levine action (always a good thing, this time a necessity) on The Voice immediately afterward.

Yeah, it was that bad.

I know it might sound like a good idea (because what’s more romantic than a food court and Banana Republic?) but it’s really not. Don’t subject your boyfriend to an afternoon of buying Christmas gifts for your granny; go with your girlfriends, or, better yet, go alone. If you really want him to be involved in the experience, have him pour you a stiff whiskey when you get home from your day ‘o retail therapy.

If you don’t want to listen to me, look at the stats:  deal site Quidco conducted a poll of 2,000 adults in relationships, and found that 25 percent of couples have angrily left their partner alone in a store after an argument. That’s in addition to the 61 percent who have had an in-store argument and still more who had serious buyers remorse after breaking up with their respective other over a shopping-related fight.

So take it from me: do what will make you both happy at the end of the day, and go the wilds of holiday shopping alone. You — and your relationship — can thank me later. Don’t worry, your gift doesn’t have to come from the mall!



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