November 2012

Astrological Forecast for November 2012

The whole month of November 2012 is taken up with the hidden struggle to free ourselves from past bindings. Saturn (lord of karma) is in mutual reception with Pluto (lord of life and death). So, November has this serious note play out as a backdrop to everything else. With the North Node of the Moon (dharma) in Scorpio now and the Sun (self) there as well, we are guided into our own inner depth, or we suffer its byproduct. Venus (female)moves into Scorpio and Mars (male) moves into Capricorn so the cosmic dance of relationships takes on deliberate, even desperate proportions. We have three choices: avoidance, transformation, or endings. Avoidance will create exceedingly toxic build-up within relationships. Transformation happens when hidden ingredients surface and are addressed lovingly with full consciousness. Endings mean that the relationship ceases to exist. Everyone on the planet will be different by the end on this month.

The New Moon on November 13th is a Solar Eclipse occurring at 21 degrees of Scorpio at 5:09 PM EST. This is when all of the dials get reset.  Saturn rising in Scorpio just in front of this eclipse shows the deep seriousness of the emotional exploration as we collectively examine our realm of shadows. Mercury Retrograde, at zero degrees of Sagittarius, indicates that we are being given a second opportunity to embrace ideas we have overlooked. Our path forward is through resolving past issues. Plenty of energy is available for our journey of self discovery as Mars in on the Galactic center. We are idealistic with Mercury (god of reason) Squaring Neptune (lord of culture). We pick up inspiration via the Trine that Mercury receives from Uranus (god of infinite intelligence). This is a month of soul searching.

As the Sun enters Sagittarius November 21st at 4:51 PM EST we start to materialize the ideals that we have been thinking about for a couple of weeks. With the Moon (mother of the world) in aspect to both Mercury (god of thinking) and Jupiter (our inner wisdom) we have an opportunity to start a program of synthesis, blending the head and heart. This is a water (empathy) dominated solar month. Now is the time for bringing our minds into the heart of our passions.

The Full Moon on November 28th is a Lunar Eclipse occurring at 9:46 AM EST at 6 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini. With full gratitude for where we have been, we can now acknowledge that some aspect of our nature must change. Venus Conjunct Saturn is Sextile the Mars/Pluto Conjunction. We are capable of taking a powerful step forward into a new pattern of relationships based on courage and responsibility.  This potent Eclipse has Jupiter (king of the gods) Conjunct the Moon showing the great abundance of creative power that is being released. Neptune (god of Infinite Bliss) is Square to the Eclipse indicating our ability to rise to higher perception through the healing power of love. At the same time, Uranus (god of Infinite Intelligence) is in easy aspect reminding us that the revolution is upon us and that we need to abandon worn out ideals and values while taking a permanent “leap of faith”.




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