Most Aspiring Mistresses

Beverly Hills Has The Most Aspiring Mistresses In The USA? Big Surprise.

This may come as a shock to you (OK, who am I kidding, it won’t) but, kind of like Weezer said, Beverly Hills is where you want to be…if you’re an aspiring mistress, that is.

From mistress to wife... Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

According to a study found on that oh-so-sweet site of, LA has the most “mistreses.” Yup, with a whopping score of 37.2%, the ladies of Los Angeles are the most likely to seek out a married man.

The most savory stomping grounds happen to have the zip code of 90210.

I could go into a rant about morals and ethics here, but I won’t. Instead, I’m going to let the ‘ewwww’ out of my mouth.

Gals, let me tell you something about the residents of Beverly Hills: they old. Sure, BH may be one of the classiest, moneyed suburbs of LA, but its demographic is seriously geriatric. Sure, you’ll find greenbacks in Beverly Hills, but you’ll also find an altogether different color, and that’s white. As in hair.

If older men float your boat, power to you. Whatever makes you happy, right? But 90-year-old married men? Come on girls, keep it classy. You don’t want to end up like Anna Nicole Smith after all…do you?



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