December 2012

Mars and Venus change signs and make a dozen aspects showing that we will all make progress understanding our key relationships. However, the whole month of December in 2012 is dominated by working on our selves and our relationship to larger social order.  This time of cosmic personal adjustment is indicated by one long lasting outer planet configuration: Saturn Sextile Pluto with both Quincunx Jupiter. This aspect pattern is called the Finger of God. It shows a certain sense of fate operating all month.  Jupiter (god of higher wisdom) in Gemini (sign of distribution) becomes the focal point of undiluted good fortune stemming from our hard work implied by Saturn (lord of karma) Sextile Pluto (god of birth and death). Throughout the month, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus trigger this aspect pattern keeping it active.  With Venus (goddess of love) finally occupying the mid-point, opposite Jupiter and Semi-sextile both Saturn and Pluto, from the 19th to the 24th shows that love is the answer to all of the basic problems we have created for ourselves during the last period. Venus is in Sagittarius (sign of freedom and adventure); this is a month of expanding our horizons. The logic of experience will bring about a grand deal between warring factions as common ground and shared responsibility brings groups of people around the world together. New accords are hammered out as we find ways to live together in mutual acceptance. This change in consciousness takes practical foothold in our everyday lives; with Saturn and Pluto in each other’s sign (mutual reception), success is assured.

The Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun crosses into Capricorn on December 21st at 6:12AM EST.  A chart for this moment not only describes the next solar month, it also describes the conditions in the world for the next three months. The Sun and Pluto in Sextile and the Sun with Pluto and Squaring Uranus shows that the explosive energy of the time will be contained and channeled constructively into practical and useful projects during the next immediate period. Venus (goddess of love) opposite Jupiter (king of the gods) shows that there is conflict between the higher wisdom and our need for freedom. We reach compromise by virtue of the mutual reception (in each other’s sign) between Mercury and Jupiter.  They demonstrate the need to find common ground between the immediate and the long term aims of the soul.  We can enjoy ourselves while accomplishing the most immediate and important things.

On December 28 at 5:23AM EST we have our Full Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn.  With the Sun and Moon in harmonious aspect to Saturn it is safe to assume that we can let go of past traumas now.  Following the basic path of practical and traditional formulas, we are able to save what is good and let go of the rest. This Full Moon falls on the axis with the Uranus/Pluto Square and helps push the basic revolutionary nature of our time. We are reaching out to something beyond our immediate comprehension.  Attempts to capture it will fail.  We must move into our newly developed consciousness to appreciate what is really being offered now.



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