Weekly Astrological Forecast November 7-13

November 7-13

From November 7th to the 13th our biggest worry can be that we get several projects going without getting closure on any of them. Our smartest strategy during this week is to put most of our energy on things that are not overly time sensitive; the rest of our attention should be on the immediate mundane tasks of life.

7th – Monday – Mars Opposite Neptune – Energy put into manifesting a desire can be a waste of time and effort. Our need for freedom can be refined and improved if we are smart enough to integrate new insights with valued traditional approaches.

8th – Tuesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Saturn – Only the limitations of time can blunt the lightning bolt of inspiration. Change comes like an earthquake altering our mental landscape….take what is transportable and leave the rest.

9th – Wednesday – Neptune turns direct – We see more than we can achieve or even express at the moment. Now is the time for quiet planning and absorption within the beauty right in front of us.

10th – Thursday – The Full Moon is at 3:17 PM EST, Mars enters Virgo – It is surprising the number of things that can be eliminated when we set our mind to it. Changes made now are permanent.

11th – Friday – There is excitement in the air and we live with a certain amount of expectation. We are at the crossroads between the new and the old. Seek refuge in higher principles and the world looks full of potential.

12th – Saturday – Mars Quincunx Uranus – Raw assertions can have unexpected consequences. Avoid indecision and work to reduce nervousness. Lots of new information can keep us stimulated.

13th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Pluto – Sometimes we suffer more from our friends than we do from our enemies. We can manifest our fondest dreams if we are able to keep a steady focus on what we really want.



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