Weekly Astrological Forecast November 14-20

November 14-20

From November 14th to the 20th there are several practical tasks waiting for our attention; we have the time and the wherewithal to complete them satisfactorily. But, there is a nagging feeling within that our time may be better spent on some vaguely perceived long range vision. The worst use of our time would be to fall into some escapist fantasy; a better use of our time would be to deal with material responsibilities; but, the very best use of this week would be to overcome inner conflict and embrace our ultimate purpose.

14th – Monday – Mars Contra-parallel Neptune – This is the perfect time to think about what you really want. It is easy to be led astray by people or circumstances that appear to promise exactly what you say you want. Life gets clearer when we are honest about the relative worth of the things we pursue.

15th – Tuesday – Home, family, and the very familiar attract our attention. Contentment is found by exercising our emotional intelligence, which may be different than our impulses.

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16th – Wednesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars Trine Jupiter, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn – Our urge to expand our horizon is so overpowering it behooves us to be adventurous. Take in new experiences and allow old habits to retire; something unique can emerge.

17th – Thursday – Tremendous value is placed on how things appear now. Don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward. Creative self expression is at an all time high.

18th – Friday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Parallel Pluto – A rush of powerful energy lifts our spirit and we find ourselves moving into a different dimension of life. The closer we look the more certain we become that the new world is being born from the destruction of the old.

19th – Saturday – It’s a dreamy day but it is still fast paced. The world is changing around us, but only because there are deep personal changes going on within us.

20th – Sunday – Sun Square Neptune – We have reached the dividing line between the old world and the new…at the personal level we can decide to take a new approach to life, but it has little meaning unless we are able to include other people in our own personal transformation.




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