Weekly Astrological Forecast November 1-6

November 1-6

From November 1st to the 6th we ride on a wave of emotion. Our feet scarcely leave the ground as our urge to expand keeps us pushing forward with great anticipation. We put common sense in abeyance as one unforeseen event after another shapes our expectations.

1st – Tuesday – Mercury Square Neptune, Sun Contra-parallel Mars – Lots of energy but our direction can be confused. Our dreams and our actions don’t necessarily agree with each other. There is much to be accomplished but patience and having a continuously focused direction is necessary to achieve results.

2nd – Wednesday – Venus enters Sagittarius, Mercury Sagittarius – We are arriving at a lighter moment. Disagreements have a way of disappearing in the larger context of immediate needs and concerns.

3rd – Thursday – Venus Trine Uranus, Mercury Trine Uranus – So many new options flood our minds that we have to select a new approach to life or just suppress the obvious. Tension builds only if we are too attached to results; be free and let others also be unattached; we can all grow and have fun.

4th – Friday – After so much coming and going we manage to achieve some cohesion. We are on the edge of a fantastic learning experience. We open up to new ideas by including recent acquaintances in our plans.

5th – Saturday – Venus Quincunx Jupiter, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter – This is a time of re-evaluation; what has intrinsic lasting beauty? What is worth our time? Indigestion follows overindulgence as surely as satisfaction follows enlightened choices.

6th – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto – We are trying to grow but there are some stubborn barriers to our development that seem to emanate from the environment. Be satisfied with the development of a prototype which can be copied later.



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