Sh*t Talking – Sexiest Man Alive???

Bradley Cooper is the Secksiest Man Alive. Hmmph

By Zaira Zafra

In an effort to draw our minds away from OWS, I will talk about something fluffy.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper….is not the secksiest man alive.

He is a MOST attractive man when he is speaking French:

Ralph Fiennes, sexier than Bradley Cooper

He was very delicious in Strange Days: (I know that’s not him, let me dream about Ralph)

But he is not the Secksiest Man Alive. Look at this and that:

That isn’t really screaming secksy to me. It’s saying Pottery Barn and JCrew catalog to me.

He’s straight milquetoast. Except in Wet Hot American Summer

Ryan Gosling

Everyone knows it, and although he isn’t my favorite, Ryan Gosling should have gotten the title. He’s got that je ne sais quoi



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