Sh*t Talking – Sexiest Man Alive, part 2

Bradley Cooper is the Secksiest Man Alive. Hmmph – Part 2

By Zaira Zafra

This is the photo they have of Bradley being secksy. REALLY? On a Honda no less?

Bradley Cooper

Yuckeroo with this.

They included Justin Theroux, but this photo is terrible.

Justin Theroux

He’s looking all sorts of strange here, when everyone knows this is the photo to use.

Strange & Sexy Justin Theroux

Jason Mamoa is also in the list, but this photo?

Jason Mamoa

Seriously now, who’s choosing this krap with a k for People Online?

No one wants to see Jason Mamoa like this.

They want this, this and that:

The way we want to see Jason Mamoa




A sexier version of Jason Mamoa

Sexiest Jason Mamoa


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