Searching for Signs: Practical Advice

It’s so exciting to discover there’s this wonderful, loving world of spirit guides and angels. We’re so lucky to have access to this helping hand. So how do you go deeper once you’ve gotten your first sign from your guides?

When working with your guides the next step is practice, practice, practice. Like with meditation, we meditate once and then we ask what’s the next step? The next step is to keep practicing meditation. After you get that first sign from your guides, ask yourself this question when you think about your spirit guides: Am I going to spend more time disbelieving or am I going to go deeper with my guides? Go deeper, I say!

I use nature to communicate with my guides. I see things in plants and animals and in clouds but you may not have access to that, and you’re just beginning. My main advice to you is to be open and be present. Once you’ve asked your guides for a sign, for an answer, be aware of your surroundings, of what’s going on, be alert. They are there. As I said in this episode you might be asking for an answer and looking at the clouds, and you’re best friend will walk in with a magazine and a page folded over that is exactly what you’re looking for. In the beginning, I asked you to test your guides. Like Sheila did, ask to see a rose, or something like that. A rose did appear for Sheila, and from there she kept asking talking to her guides. Her rapport with her guides blossomed. You’ve got to choose to believe. So you believe, now what?

Many of you have asked what’s the next step… It’s been hard for me to break it down because the guides are so a part of my life, and I’ve been doing this for so long. In fact it took me 4 years of asking my guides everyday, waiting for an answer, to find out their names, who they are. So please, don’t worry if you’re not getting what you want right away, keep asking, you will get answers.

Here are practical tips on how to cultivate a relationship with your guides, how to get answers. Try journaling, as often as possible, about what you’re asking your guides and what answers you think are coming to you. Keep track of your questions. And then keep track of the possible answers. Remember: your guides are going to communicate to you using one of your 6 senses. You may hear the answer; you may see the answer. The answer will come. It’s your job to keep looking, listening, sensing, to keep asking.  A relationship with your guides is like any relationship; it requires open communication, patience, willingness to stay in it and keep trying. Like they say a marriage is work (in the best, most spiritually expanding way!) so is a relationship with your guides.

My other tip for you is if you choose to go down this road with your guides, which I hope you will, commit to it. There are a lot of frustrated spirit guides out there because they’ve been invited into life to help you, and they’re sending signs and talking to you, giving you answers, and you’re not paying attention because even though you’ve invited them in, you’re not sure you believe. If you invite your guides in, then believe, commit to believing. Also, remember to invite them in (this is the biggest tip of all). They can’t help you unless you invite them in. And they can’t/won’t interfere with your free will. They will give you answers and advice but it’s up to you to listen, to receive. Trust they are there. Trust yourself; trust your guides.

Another tip to go deeper with your guides, to take it to the next level after you get that first sign, is to meditate, quiet your mind, open your heart, be still. Your daily meditation is a great place to start. Practice awareness. Your guides can’t help you if you’re not open and aware. They may have been answering you all this time but because you’ve been busy and distracted, you’ve been unaware of the information coming in. Try 5 minutes of meditation today. (How to meditate? Watch the Happiness Series episode “Take 5” and try these simple tips:  Take 5 minutes to talk to your guides in meditation, be still, focus on your breathing, focus on an object while you speak to your guides – like a candle, focus on what you’re asking for…)

Another tip: be realistic in what you’re asking for… ask for what you need in steps. Example: if you need a job, ask for help with your resume, with connections, start small and then you can go bigger, once that communication line is opened between you and your guides. Include your spirit guides in your innermost thoughts to help you with your immediate problems. They are there for you! And again: keep track of how your answers come to you. This is where keeping a journal is key. If you’re not getting an answer to a question, reevaluate that question. Is it the right question? Are you really addressing a problem? What do you most need?

Many people have asked me if we evolve spiritually with our guides. We evolve through our guides. Our guides are already spiritually evolved. They’re helping us all to evolve. Because we invited them in (remember, they can only help if they’re invited in) they are helping us to fine tune our 7th sense, our spiritual sense. The guides are wonderful tools in life and for going deeper spiritually. Invite them in today.

I’ll give you an example from my life on how my guides use signs to point me in the right direction and to give me help. While preparing for the Season 2 Happiness Series shoot, I spent most of one morning trimming some overgrown grasses in my back yard.  My mind was racing with thoughts about what to talk about with Sheila. Where do I start?  What do I say?  It didn’t take long for my guides to come in and assist me, there, as I folded back a section of the weeds stood a frog staring up at me! It is said in Native American traditions that each animal that crosses your path has a specific meaning. Lifting the grasses I had trimmed into the wheel barrel I looked up to the sky at a crow circling and squawking to be noticed, I didn’t need to look up the definition of crow, whenever it squawks it’s a warning message to me… maybe I should go and look up Toad, I thought to myself, and there perched on to of the weeds was a praying mantis!  Now there was no doubt my guides were trying to get a message to me.  I gave up the rake and the hedge clipper and reached for my Animal Speak book.

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is a great resource

Animal Speak is a book written by a Native American named Ted Andrews. It is a comprehensive dictionary of animal, bird and reptile symbolism I picked up years ago.  As I may have told you, one of my guides is a Native American who came from a Tribe called Yokowanna, I just refer to him as Yokowanna because it is easier. My fascination with Nature and how it moves through us is endless, so it’s no wonder the guides use nature to speak to me.

Under toad, I read to “look for opportunities to assert yourself and develop self-reliance, also to expect lucid dreaming, while asleep and awake…” which was pretty much what was happening, my mind was filled with ideas to share with you.  Under praying mantis, I read “the power of stillness” still the outer mind, go within so we can draw upon greater power in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds. The stillness can simply be contemplation, meditation, or even when we sleep to dream! That message from the praying mantis was enough for me to sit quietly and arrange the barrage of messages floating through my mind while listening always to my inner voice.

I find these signs in nature, these plants and animals that appear to me, part of the network my guides have created to communicate with me, to let me know what direction to go in, to offer me warning or comfort depending on what I need. I use clouds too for answers. I find I connect to the natural world. And for me, being in nature, is very important. But for you, maybe you get the signs you need from billboards and conversations with friends. Just remember: nature is there, and if you’re present and aware and respectful of the plant and animal kingdoms, your spirit guides will always, ALWAYS, find a way to talk to you.

Let us at Happiness Series know what signs your guides send you, how you talk to them, what works for you and what doesn’t. We want to hear from you. Let’s all share our stories about this and more!


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About the Author: Andrea Carrese ( is a psychic with over 20 years of experience, and her reputation as a gifted psychic counselor has brought her recognition around the country and abroad. Andrea is often a guest star on WPLR in Connecticut, as Psychic Andrea. She continues to enjoy a thriving practice in the greater New York area. She has a strong spiritual practice and is well-equipped to guide people through the vagaries of life. Follow her on twitter: @AndreaInsights (!/AndreaInsights)

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