Saying YES to Ourselves

December Momtra: I place the oxygen mask on myself first, 3x.

Blink and they’re grown, right?

Giving our kids happy childhood memories (aka a happy parent) and modeling self-love (aka listening to what we need/want) is done by giving to ourselves…first. Yes, first. We are not #2 (that story was fabricated). On the contrary, it’s never been more important to be our own #1.

What was that about not being able to love others until we love ourselves?

And on that yes to self the happiness of my family resides.

To your happiness!

This post comes direct from the Walking Momtra blog written by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel focused on stretching the happiness of modern-day Moms. Michelle is a certified yogi, parent, world citizen (she’s lived in three countries and six cities in ten years), avid traveler, branding expert, coach and logo designer focused on empowering women and Moms in business. She is currently writing the how to be a Walking Momtra™ book and looking forward to a Mexico vacation (where she can write…more). You can find her work at

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About the Author: Michelle Ghilotti Mandel is a writer, certified yoga teacher and graphic designer running her own heartful design and branding studio, ghilotti ink, for over 10 years. Michelle is writing the how to be a walking Momtra book (blog: and is a guest blogger for Happiness Series, the Elephant Journal, and the When she’s not grooving with any of the above, she is running (usually to yoga), sleeping on the Great Wall of China, becoming an expert in expat living and, surprisingly, not making many other plans. She keeps a 5 x 4 foot canvas entitled “The Things that Make Me Happy,” which she is happy to announce will never be finished. She lives in Los Angeles with her five year old son and husband. Michelle’s blogging for Happiness Series about Happiness, Motherhood, finding a balance in life, and having fun!

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