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Andrea Carrese is one of our favorite people. Talented, big-hearted, generous, smart, psychic, and wise. Oh, and she’s really, really funny with a sailor’s mouth. What’s not to love? We’re so excited to have discovered the world of spirit guides. Andrea has taught us all a lot, and she continues to teach us. In fact, the series of episodes we’ve done with her in Season 1 and now in Season 2 have been so helpful and popular, we’re working on a book with her to illuminate and open the hearts and minds of more people. People like you, who want more advice and more information on how to access their own spirit guides and get that wonderful helping hand. With this in mind, we thought it would be fun to offer up a little more insight into who Andrea is with our own Happiness Series Q & A. Please send us your questions for Andrea (or any of our guest stars and bloggers) and we’ll find out more about her and anything else you’d like to know!

Andrea and Sheila on set, Season 2

Q: What were your doubts when you first started giving readings as a psychic?

A: Being wrong. I was worried about being wrong. I learned to trust my guides, no matter how foolish something sounded, I would say it. I take my ego out of it and just let them take over. I use my guides and the person’s guides 100% in any reading. I’ve learned to focus, trust, and express what I feel and not worry if I’m right or wrong.

Q: Did someone mentor you or was this all self-discovery?

A: My grandmother inspired me and just by observing how she used her intuition, I was inspired by her trust in her instincts and her guides. And I was also inspired by other gifted psychics. I visited them and I learned a lot from reading books (especially James Van Praagh).

Q: Are there clear signs we’re evolving with our guides.

A: Absolutely! You’ll evolve, and you’ll want more; you’ll want to go deeper. You’re evolving spiritually with them. They’re helping us evolve because we invited them in, and they can only help if we invite them in. They’re helping us to fine tune our 7th Sense (our spiritual sense).

Q: What are the signs the guides are helping us to evolve?

A: Often times when as you go deeper with your guides, you’ll feel electric, humming with energy. Or you’ll feel very weighted; your body can get very heavy feeling. You’ll feel dizzy, like you have vertigo, at times. Spirit energy is all electric. Magnetic. You could also feel very thirsty. And you might hear ring tones. I have felt all of these things on many occasions.

Q: What’s the craziest vision you’ve ever had?

A: I was in the middle of working on a murder case for the local authorities, and I was asking my guides to show me things. I woke up one night from this dream of a man’s head made entirely of wires, laser-like wires. He was talking to me, telling me things. The image was so fantastic looking and bizarre that it scared me, and I asked him to go away. But he didn’t. He was scary looking to me but he was a guide giving me all the answers I needed to solve the murder.

Q: So what happened? Did that finally guide disappear?

A: Well, it’s interesting… after the case was solved, months later, a friend returned from Sweden with a gift for me by this artist who creates these crystal balls with heads in them. It’s really fantastical stuff. And the head he puts in each one, he sees in a dream. The one my friend gave me had the exact image from my dream! A man’s head made out of laser-like lights and wires! My guides were telling me to not be afraid of the image.

Q: Are your children accepting of your gift and your work?

A: Yes.

Q: What’s it like reading your children?

A: I can’t. Unless it’s a very superficial issue, I can’t read them. My ego and emotions are too involved.

Q: Have your kids ever been embarrassed by something you’ve said or seen in your work?

A: No. Never. In fact, my teenager is always bringing her teenage friends over to ask about their love lives. I won’t read them. Their love lives change way too quickly. They love so and so, and then they hate so and so. Teenagers are changing too much, too fast.

Q: When you first met your husband, did you know he was the one?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you read anyone?

A: Yes, unless the person comes in with a chip on his shoulder, an attitude like, “show me something, prove yourself to me.” I’ve been doing this too long to engage with that type of person. I can give them information that will knock their socks off but most times, I’d rather not deal with someone who comes in all ego and pride.

Q: What’s your goal for you, in your life?

A: To reach out and help and educate as many people as possible. People who need it, especially the kids.

Q: Is there an instance when you were ever far-off, wrong?

A: (laughs) Yeah, of course.

Q: Well, was there ever someone you couldn’t read?

A: This one woman came in and I couldn’t see anything about her. All I saw was a blank. I asked my guides, her guides to tell me something about her, something I could give her. And they told me to ask her about her kids. I did. She wanted to know what would happen to them. I told her information about her kids, what they would be doing in the future, who they would marry, things like that. But she was still a complete blank. When she got up to leave, she told me that she had pancreatic cancer, and she had 2 months to live. I learned then that whenever I saw blank, nothing, that meant death was imminent.

Q: What’s your vision for the planet?

A: The planet will survive. Humans may not but the planet will still be here.

Q: You’re doing a lot of readings now on skype.

A: Yeah, I love it. This technology has changed my practice.

Q: How do skype and phone readings work for you? You don’t need to be in front of the person to do have accurate reading? Why is that?

A: Well, spirit, like the wind, is present and engulfing, therefore, if you are in front of me or hundreds of miles away, guides can converse with other guides, and in turn they use me to receive and interpret the information. So regardless of the distance, I can see whatever they want me to see, and tell you whatever they want me to tell you.

Q: How strong is our energy field that you’re able to read people over the phone and via skype?

A: It is as strong as your belief that the guides are working through you. I need only to close my eyes or focus on an object, in other words be still, while receiving the answer. Skype is especially great because we work together, in front of each other. And I think the readings are very powerful.

Q: You’re doing parties these days, right?

A: Yeah, I will sometimes do group readings at parties. People find it fun and interesting.

Q: Is it fun for you to do parties? What’s that like? How quickly can you zero in on someone and find answers to tell them?

A: I like it. A party environment is a fun, relaxed environment so it makes it very easy for energy flow. People are somewhat “in the mood” and therefore there is nothing pressing or cluttering their consciousness, which is allowing access to flow lucidly. I let the guides pick out who they feel needs the questions answered the most and take it from there. They direct me by the slightest movement of the eyes or an overwhelming feeling to stare down some one. Once I make the connection, the information flows. It’s kind of neat. Of course, there are those who do not want to know anything, and I pass them over as if I knew. But of course the guides know! Others may be to anxious for an answer,  and I will find myself passing over that energy in attempt to calm it down.

Check out Andrea’s site for more information on her work and to schedule readings.


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