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Two is better than one? I beg to differ!

News flash: a new study claims that most people prefer to do things as a couple instead of flying solo using the singing styles of the plain-tailed wren of Ecuador as proof. While I don’t think this study is for the birds, exactly, I don’t think it’s 100% correct. There’s a time and a place to things alone, just as there’s a time and a place for togetherness.

Finding Love... wren style

Neuroscientist Eric Fortune traveled to Ecuador to study how and why the feathered ones mate through song. He found that the males and females sing their songs in a succession so quickly that it almost sounds like they’re making the same music.

He then applies this to humans and our desire to find our (non-avian) soulmates.

“In both males and females, we found that neurons reacted more strongly to the duet song – with both the male and female birds singing — over singing their own parts alone. In fact, the brain’s responses to duet songs were stronger than were responses to any other sound,” Fortune explains.

He adds: “The neurotransmitter systems that control brain activity at the molecular level are nearly identical among all vertebrates and the layout of the brain structures is the same. Thus, the kinds of phenomena that we have described in these wrens is very relevant to the brains of most, if not all, vertebrate species, including us humans.”

The wrens’ “neurons reacted more strongly” when they sang duets than when they sang alone. Meaning, in human terms, that we have more fun when we’re doing something with a partner.

JLo & Marc Anthony sang duets & then divorced

“Fun”? Maybe. But I actually think that life, and love, is about give and take. I don’t want to see the man I’m dating all the time (though, of course, I want him to want to see me all the time).

The happy medium of solo pursuits coupled with together time is what life is all about. How can you appreciate one without the other? If we’re constantly with the man of our dreams, how are we to miss him?

The Ecuadorian wrens are meant to be together. The thought that two songs, two birds, two people, are made for each other is lovely.

But although their two tunes might blend seamlessly together, individually, their melodies are just as beautiful.

You feel what I’m saying?



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