Dear Parents, don’t shy away from these two things

In writing the how to be a walking Momtra™ book, I’m focusing quite a bit of time on rituals and mantras or Momtras as I like to call them (Mom-specific mantras all parents benefit from).

So, the short answer to why rituals and mantras or Momtras are important?

Because technically the glass is always full. Meaning: our enjoyment, patience and ability to be “better” parents (what most of us say we want) is always there for us to have. Just as we tell our kids to make better choices, we can and, well, must do the same. We can choose what it is that we want to see and focus on. And we can do it with tools like rituals and mantras or Momtras.  (We know Rome was not built in a day…it was also not built without tools. We all need tools to create a great foundation and great future)

Rituals like getting up and walking the dog, having the coffee sitting in a particular spot, hitting yoga, reflecting a few times a day on what you want…you might think they’re “small things”, however, aren’t our children ~ “small things”? And they have the power to make us feel a love stronger than life itself. Rituals are mini vacations from focusing on what’s negative or tiring about a situation and when done consistently they help neutralize any “interference.”

Feel this: picture yourself on vacation, sitting in a spot you love in weather you feel alive in; aren’t you less likely to get upset or feel prickly? Rituals create a similar feeling inside us, especially when practiced earnestly and consistently…

Momtras or mantras do the same. They are single-pointed phrases that focus the mind on creating a certain focus and, therefore, happy vibration. One that exists in our lives already but that we get pulled away from. Momtras repeated in the morning to help focus a day and create an intention create the best kinds of days (tried & tested).

Momtras such as I easily respond versus react to the breaks or mistakes of my little ones, 3x have a power to help us not only see the glass as half-full but create that reality and fill it up ourselves.

Because we are that powerful.

Rituals and Momtras both help in building an internal home that is primed, sanded and polished so that when a certain storm comes we can more easily choose a response we’re proud of.

Ritual: After you’ve grabbed your coffee or tea in the morning, take five minutes to sit in front of your window and watch the world go by. Even better if it’s a backyard with still grass you can focus on. Taking time for you is giving time to your kids.

Momtra or parent-inspired mantra: I easily and joyfully respond vs react, 3x. Feel free to create your own in the shower before starting your day! What do you want to focus on and practice today? Practice makes way better.

Cheers, parents. You’re great people.

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About the Author: Michelle Ghilotti Mandel is a writer, certified yoga teacher and graphic designer running her own heartful design and branding studio, ghilotti ink, for over 10 years. Michelle is writing the how to be a walking Momtra book (blog: and is a guest blogger for Happiness Series, the Elephant Journal, and the When she’s not grooving with any of the above, she is running (usually to yoga), sleeping on the Great Wall of China, becoming an expert in expat living and, surprisingly, not making many other plans. She keeps a 5 x 4 foot canvas entitled “The Things that Make Me Happy,” which she is happy to announce will never be finished. She lives in Los Angeles with her five year old son and husband. Michelle’s blogging for Happiness Series about Happiness, Motherhood, finding a balance in life, and having fun!

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