Astrological Forecast for November 2011

November 2011

Energetically, November differs from the rest of 2011. We are crossing a bridge. Mars (god of desire) moves into Virgo (sign of detail) and completes a Grand Trine to Jupiter (king of the gods) and Pluto (lord of hidden treasures). We have many opportunities to materialize our heart felt goals.  Effort is necessary and consistent involvement is crucial, but we can and will make progress.  As Mercury (god of communication) turns Retrograde we reevaluate what is important to us.  The Eclipse in Sagittarius encourages us to follow our higher intuitions.  And finally, Venus (goddess of love) will cross the Galactic Center then Trine Jupiter (lord of abundance); we will have the option to formalize a love interest.  Romance is there and we just have to be willing to take some steps.  In many ways this month will seem like we are merely finishing things already in progress; however, a subtle change in consciousness alters our perspective; it’s as if our old terrain becomes a whole new continent.

The Full Moon is on November 10th at 3:17 PM EST. Meditation is very powerful on any Full Moon but this one has special significance; Mars (god of war) is preparing to leave Leo, will be the next planet crossed by the Moon, and makes an aspect to every planet from Jupiter to Pluto. This indicates that collectively, our manner of expression is shifting from being ego trapped to being utility based. If you have ever felt that what you do makes no difference to the rest of the world, this is the moment to abandon this illusion.  Your actions have a noticeable impact on everyone else.

The Sun crosses into Sagittarius at 11:08 AM EST on November 22nd. This is a most interesting Solar Month.  The Sun is Trine Uranus (god of freedom) and the Moon is just completing a Conjunction to Saturn (responsibility). This would suggest that the way to a fulfilling future is to be brave and innovate.  Overcoming fear and inertia will be necessary as these are the primary psychological obstacles attempting to block the rapidly unfolding pattern of unique events in our lives.  As the Sun separates from the Square of Neptune (god of faith) and applies to the Square of Mars (god of fire), we are energized to take the next step in the evolution of our consciousness. Mars (energy) applies to the Trine of Pluto (collective unconscious)….these gods are in earth signs.  Earth is practical; there is a revolution going on, will you join us?

The New Moon comes on November 25th at 1:10 AM EST.  This is a partial Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. We are setting the tone now for the rest of 2011.  Sagittarius (sign of expansion) helps us see the relative value of all that is happening around us.  We are waking up to a higher beauty and new infinite possibilities.  We are now able to implement changes we have already decided on and consolidate our personal victories. Real progress is made by following our higher intuition and being willing to let go of everything that doesn’t really matter.

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