Weekly Astrology October 8-14, 2018

From October 8th to the 14th  our attention fluctuates; we may find ourselves changing attitudes, direction, and even interests several times in rapid succession.  New information and new opportunities can encourage us to leave one situation and embrace another. This is all ok, provided we maintain some continuity of purpose.

New Moon this week

8th – Monday – The New Moon is at 15of Libra at 11:47 PM EDT –  When we treat others kindly and with respect, good comes back to us.  We need to base our most basic decisions on long term viability.  We can easily get caught between strong emotional impulses and endless procrastination.  Things we believe in may seem out of reach.  If we are frustrated, it is not wise to make others the target.
9th – Tuesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury enters Scorpio –  Trying to make everything rational is a long hike to nowhere.  Accepting our higher intuitions as somehow valid can be the first step in making sense of our confusing circumstances.  Instinctively we know what the right direction is for us now.  Staying on course requires reliance on things unseen.
10th – Wednesday –  Mercury Opposite Uranus, Venus Square Mars –  Unkind words come from two sources: misunderstanding of the true situation, and stubborn insistence on getting what we want.  The urge for freedom conflicts with the desire to keep everything just as it is.  We need to stop projecting in order to be our better selves.
11th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Neptune, Sun Square Pluto – Some sacrifice is required; our time is our most valuable commodity, some of it will be given to others now.  If our attention is on what is most important, we win, so does everyone else.  Being fair doesn’t require surrendering our higher values; what we give to others returns.
12th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Saturn –  It’s amazing the ground we cover by focusing on just one thing at a time.  Joy, freedom, and options follow on the coattails of a job well done.  A break between tasks is most restorative.   
13th – Saturday –  As long as we aren’t asking for too much, life is generous.  It’s a great time to explore.  Adventure leads to deep thought.  Expanding our horizons increases our vision.  Our knowledge grows proportionally to our ability to adjust, and our lightness of being.
14th – Sunday –  Gathering our resources allow us to make an accurate inventory.   Freedom follows responsibilities well handled.  We all have someone that we must report to; honesty in communication gives a more profound allegiance to our personal truth.

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