Weekly Astrology for October 1-8, 2017

From October 1st to the 8th the energy has changed on almost every front.  However, we seem to be on a tear to complete some things left dangling from last month.  Even though work seems to dominate our waking moments, love is in the air.  Romance is not a duty but an invitation.  We can repair damages in our key relationships.

 1st – Sunday – Mars Trine Pluto –  We have the energy, direction, and attention to complete something important.  Practical steps taken now can simplify our efforts over the next week.

 2nd – Monday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Uranus –  Some reward we were expecting or closure we have been waiting on comes now. A serendipitous turn of events brings good fortune if we have the sight to recognize it.

 3rd – Tuesday –  Venus Trine Pluto –  Both work and play have a profound intensity.  Love and harmony are in the air and will not be denied.  Work gets done through prioritizing.

 4th – Wednesday –  After a few corrective steps, we are off to a fast start.  Kindness never goes out of style and this is the perfect time to engage others with our better selves.  There is a gathering intensity to how we express our love nature.

 5th – Thursday – Venus Conjunct Mars, the Full Moon is at 2:40 PM EDT on the 12th degree of Libra/Aries –  This is a great opportunity to clear the air and become productive.  Cupid has the last word on much of the activities now.  Regardless of how long it takes, we need to be willing to hang on to our objectives and keep nurturing our partnerships.

 6th – Friday – Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Venus, Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Quincunx Neptune – We drill down to the core of some of our basic values.  Pink glasses can make the world look rosier than it really is, still we get further by thinking positively and giving others the benefit of the doubt.  Because the best plans are going to be altered anyway, we do best to look to opportunities to go with the new realities.

 7th – Saturday –  Uranus Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus –  Too much information can be as confusing as not enough.  “Threading the needle ” when making plans requires knowing who to ask and where to put our concentration.  Staying on task with our previously conceived plans may look inadvisable, but it is probably the shortest route to success.

 8th – Sunday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Square Saturn, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  Impulsiveness can leave us feeling isolated.  Including others in our plans can reduce misunderstandings.  Our own thoughts can get in the way, preventing us from gaining a larger perspective.  Listening to others can give us important information regarding our own current situation.


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