Astrology for October 2017

When a planet changes signs we have a change of temperament. In  October we have Jupiter moving into Scorpio while Venus and Mars move into Libra.  The Sun changes signs every month, the Moon changes signs every couple of days, and Mercury frequently changes signs in a month.  These movements all bring change; however, this month is big on change as Venus and Mars do not change signs every month and Jupiter only once a year.  This transit of Jupiter is a deepening of our fascination with the mysteries of life.  This month will be a time of emotional quickening; our outlook on life will change.

The Full Moon on the 12th degree of Libra/Aries at 2:40 PM EDT forms a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn.  This promises physical activity with some abrupt changes to government and organizational structures.  BecausePluto is Trine the Venus/Mars Conjunction in Virgo, there will be a thorough transition of personnel in many of the big structures of our collective lives.  With Saturn and Uranus forming a Grand Trine with the Leo North Node of the Moon, we are guided to balance caution with innovation as we are encouraged to promote our creative ideas.

 The New Moon is on the 26th degree of Libra at 3:12 PM EDT and Opposite Uranus.  This promises unexpected changes in our plans, opportunities to explore new options in key relationships, and a chance to get clarity where there has been lingering doubts.   As Jupiter is Conjunct Mercury and Saturn is Sextile the New Moon and Trine to Uranus, common sense and discipline will help us sort out the recurring upheavals in a responsible and adventuresome manner.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd at 1:27 AM EDT.  With the Sun Conjunct Jupiter and Mercury Trine Neptune we go through this next solar month with confidence and optimism.  Because the Moon is Square Neptune we are cautioned to check our facts and make sure we are really aiming at our intended goal.


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About the Author: Bob Mulligan, an astrologer with clients and students all over the world, is a celebrated astrologer, since 1974. Bob sees clients and operates THE MASTERY OF ASTROLOGY™ correspondence school. Both his chart interpretation program INDRA, and book, “BETWEEN ASTROLOGERS AND CLIENTS” receive praises. He is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material. Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail [email protected] Visit his web site, Bob writes an astrological forecast for the day, week, and month for Happiness Series.



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