Weekly Forecast October 7-13

From October 7th to the 13th we are adjusting rapidly to changing circumstances which give us many new opportunities.  It takes some discrimination to evaluate what is real and what is transitory.  The most important thing is to keep moving and to choose something.

7th – Monday – Venus enters Sagittarius, Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus – Impulsive urges to burst free from our confinements get translated into action.  Innovative maneuvers can be used to overcome obstacles. Get exercise and don’t store energy but instead find safe ways to keep releasing it.

8th – Tuesday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Saturn- Any giant leap forward needs to be acknowledged and consolidated.  True discipline gives us the judgment to see when we have gone far enough.

9th – Wednesday – Enthusiasm powers every action as people jockey for some advantage. An aesthetic vision rains insight on us as we are easily overwhelmed by emotion.

10th – Thursday – Venus Square Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune – We are in a very creative cycle but it is difficult to get enough clarity to manifest the artistic impulse in a tangible form.  But this is a good time to foster inspiration.

11th – Friday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – We can suffer by doing too much and going beyond our normal limits of restraint.  Real relationships take time to develop and we can go so fast into new connections with people that we lose the very relationships we think we are honoring.  Watch for honest feedback and be willing to moderate behavior to meet the actual circumstances.

12th – Saturday – Sun Square Jupiter – You can’t dance with more than one partner at a time and you can’t eat more than one meal at a time.  Know when you have enough and relax.

13th – Sunday – Mars Contra-parallel Saturn – If we are able to take the setbacks and the slow forward motion, this is a great time for finishing a long standing process.  New doors open as we include others in our lives.






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