Weekly Forecast October 22-31

From October 22nd to the 31st the right people seem to show up at the last minute to help us make necessary changes. Both practical concerns and romance get a boost as our lives move beyond our own personal circumstances.

The autumn sky with Jupiter & her moons

22nd – Monday – Sun enters Scorpio – Changing roads just became harder. Regardless of how integrated our various goals are, we still must juggle many different aspects of our lives.

23rd – Tuesday – Sun Trine Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – There is a feeling of wanting to live our life in a very large manner. We can easily be swept away by a picture of ourselves (or of life) that is very subjective and not concurrent with ordinary objective measurements. It’s best to wait two days before making any sweeping changes.

24th – Wednesday – Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter – Our heart might be in the right place and our intentions completely honorable, but it is difficult to see clearly what the effect of our actions might be. It is best to observe life as if it was a movie today.

25th – Thursday – Sun Conjunct Saturn, Mercury Sextile Venus – We have a gift for both explaining ourselves and for getting things done. Diving deep into the essential details of every project can be pleasurable and productive.

26th – Friday – Our personal life looks more interesting than the things we must accomplish in our work place. There is an emotional charge on everything we do. Take the time to explain; others can be persuaded. The extra oomph to complete tasks comes by just following our impulses.

27th – Saturday – Our personal lives seem to reflect the turbulence in the world at large. For all the fun, luck, and excitement, we still seem to be stuck having to complete certain tasks on our own.

28th – Sunday – Venus Parallel Uranus, Sun Quincunx Uranus, Mars Opposite Jupiter, Venus enters Libra, Venus Quincunx Neptune – We want to bring about changes in our life circumstances and in the pattern of relationships. Real change has to start with our own emotions and our mental habits. Channeling our nervous energy into some productive end is not easy as there is part of us that just wants to play.

29th – Monday – Mercury enters Sagittarius, Mercury Squares Neptune, the Full Moon at 6 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio comes at 3:50 PM EDT – As we take great mental leaps it is easy to lose sight of our true destination. Progress is swift if we can remember what we were doing in the first place.  Seeing the big picture is inspiring as long as we don’t get lost in it.

30th – Tuesday – Sun Sextile Pluto, Venus Semi-sextile Saturn – Psychological insight and hard work are necessary to earn other people’s trust. Emotional understanding is possible and it is the ingredient allowing us to take the next step.

31st – Wednesday – Good conversation can break up old patterns that have stopped us from moving forward. Set new intentions now, we can work out the details later. Let important people know how much you love them.




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