Ask your spirit guides for help, everyday

Your spirit guides are always with you. With the first conscious breaths you take in the morning, call in your spirit guides. Allow them to work with you and help you solve your problems. Spirit is always, always there. No limits to what you can talk to them about.

Andrea Carrese, gifted psychic and featured guest star on Happiness Series

Guides, aka, spiritual angels, guardian angels, spirit beings, are available to us always, all we need to do is ask. Start by inviting them in… you don’t need confirmation right away that they are present, just trust it… because they are always present.  Talk with them as if you were talking to your best friend, share what’s on your mind, what are your goals, worries, aspirations, what are you looking for? Peace of mind, less anxiety? Whatever, share your thoughts with them. Ask for their guidance, ask for solutions. After you have stated your thoughts, forget it! That’s right, just forget it and give it up to them. You’ve heard the saying ‘Let go, Let God,’ right? Your new focus will be on recognizing how they are going to respond back to you… The guides are spirit and we are very physical, therefore they have to answer utilizing physical avenues available to them (like clouds and other things in nature).

Clouds are big signs for me. For example, I sit quietly and gaze into a clouded sky the clouds will take on a shapes, literally answering  my questions.  This has happened to me countless times. I would pose a question, search the sky and there in the clouds was my answer.

Most notable early on for me was when, in my husband’s career, he was studying a year straight for his written medical boards. The day finally came, and he left early to take the test. Exhausted for him, I put the kids down for a nap, walked outside, and sat outside in a favorite lounge chair. It had never occurred to me to ask before but there I was looking up into the sky asking in my mind if he was going to pass. The word ‘NO’ written in sky startled me. And that is what happened he did not pass the first test. He did, however, pass the second time around.

One time I was visiting my son at school for their annual end of the year party I stood with 30 or so parents waiting for the little ones to arrive in the courtyard, I turned to the sky and there was a distinct shape of an elephant, I had to laugh, of course we all see shapes in the sky but this was undeniably an elephant with these huge ears seemingly flapping! Hearing the commotion, my son approached me red with embarrassment donning an elephant costume with these huge floppy ears!

Remember, though, your guides may not speak to you through clouds. So don’t be discouraged, you will find your own way.

Little signs like clouds, birds, nature need to be recognized. Guides can use nature to speak to you, nature surrounds us, everything is alive, even the tiniest rock has energy! The swaying of a tree, the ripple in still water, the sudden appearance of a butterfly or a bird soaring through the sky. The guides love using nature to converse with us. It’s  just you who needs to ask.


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About the Author: Andrea Carrese ( is a psychic with over 20 years of experience, and her reputation as a gifted psychic counselor has brought her recognition around the country and abroad. Andrea is often a guest star on WPLR in Connecticut, as Psychic Andrea. She continues to enjoy a thriving practice in the greater New York area. She has a strong spiritual practice and is well-equipped to guide people through the vagaries of life. Follow her on twitter: @AndreaInsights (!/AndreaInsights)

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