Weekly Astrology September 10-16, 2018

From September 10th to the 16th although the spirit of adventure is strong, we get further by limiting our options and staying practical.  Small accomplishments with an exacting eye on details can be a source of immense joy.  We just need to have our microscope focused correctly and to be patient.
10th – Monday – Mars Semi-square Neptune, Mars enters Aquarius –  Including others in our plans helps focus our passions correctly.  What we want is likely to change in some fundamental way.  If we put our whole heart into our actions, and take care of underlying details, success follows.
11th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Pluto –  With our eyes clearly focused on the big picture, we can venture toward our goals with confidence.  Taking care of essentials in a practical manner leads us far and fast.  We hit the target if we take time to aim.
12th – Wednesday –  Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Venus Opposite Uranus, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Venus Sextile Saturn –  Reaching for the stars and keeping our feet on the ground is a winning combination.   Emotional turbulence comes in the wake of unfulfilled promises.  Emotions are potent and don’t always surface.  Saying what is really on our minds is productive if we are kind.
13th – Thursday –   Mercury Opposite Neptune –  Just because others don’t come through for us doesn’t mean all is lost.  Keep the faith; expressing an ideal isn’t an indication that we, or others, are flakey.  We are rewarded for being true to ourselves.  Capturing our thoughts in words is tricky.  If we are misunderstood, taking a moment to get clear with others is appropriate.
14th – Friday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus –  Sometimes brilliant ideas take time to gestate. Angry interchanges occur if we feel rushed.  So much mental activity is bound to produce some instability both internally as well as with the world at large.
15th – Saturday –  Mercury Trine Pluto –  Mysteries unfold before us if we keep our research hat firmly in place.  Just because something isn’t obvious doesn’t mean others are intentionally trying to fool us.  Be brave and go deep.
16th – Sunday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-square Venus –  We see things that we can’t easily explain.  It doesn’t mean we are wrong, or others are.  This moment may require us to go it alone.  Once we see our truth, emotional equilibrium is necessary to include others in our vision.

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