Video: Getting Your Heart’s Desire, with Tony LeRoy, Part 1


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  1. […] hand in getting what we want, finding our heart’s desire. So here at Happiness Series we did 3 videos with renown intuitive counselor, Tony LeRoy, in an effort to help us all figure out what our […]

  2. […] 14th – Tuesday – Mercury Conjunct Neptune – Life can seem very uncertain and it is hard to hold consistent thoughts unless you have a serious spiritual practice. This is a beautiful day to meditate and concentrate personal energy on your true heart’s desire. […]

  3. […] shooting Tony LeRoy’s (Tony is featured in this August 2012 Marie Claire about intuitive counseling.) episodes I was […]

  4. Steps to getting your heart's desire, improve your life | says:

    […] The first episode we did with Tony LeRoy was so great and so intense that we realized we would have to make the first episode into two. In this episode we focus on steps 4 and 5 to getting your heart’s desire. Our hope, our plan, is that you’ll use these 5 steps and see improvement in your life today! […]

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    […] willing to earn what you desire by applying some […]

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    […] What are you not saying about yourself and your desires? […]

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    […] the heart path. Choose the path that moves your dreams forward. Trust your […]

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    […] reminder that when you speak your heart, you nourish those around you and […]

  9. […] You don’t have to be a workout junkie to understand the benefits of a home gym. Having a dedicated fitness regimen has a huge positive effect on mental and physical health, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are building a home gym for their daily workouts or as a complement to their standard gym membership. If you’re thinking about taking the leap and carving out a fitness-specific space in your home, here are some recommendations for essential items that you’ll need. […]

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    […] this past season helped you to understand certain desires […]

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    […] We’re moving into a new season… Retrace your steps, and notice what has changed. […]

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    […] an extra effort to truly hear what others have to […]

  13. […] can send wishes into the wind to be carried up to the power of the universe who joins with us to manifest our greatest dreams and desires in the right time and in the correct […]

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    […] what you know about your familial patterns to learn more about your own deepest inner workings. And then express what you need to about […]

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    […] new puzzle piece is clicking into place in your story of why you are the way you […]

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