Astrology for September 2018

The whole month of September is colored by Jupiter Semi-square Saturn on the 4th.    Saturn is in Capricorn (his own sign); Jupiter is in Scorpio (where he is weak).  Saturn restricts, is conservative, is blind justice; this is the natural meaning of Capricorn.  Jupiter multiplies; Scorpio eliminates.  Thus Jupiter is weak (meaning uncharacteristic) in Scorpio.  This is the final closing Semi-square between the two until they complete their Conjunction at the time of the Winter Solstice  (December 21st) in 2020. Saturn (lord of karma) reigns supreme during the next couple of years.  Because the Conjunction between the two represents a new beginning of their cycle, this last period is a chance to clear up old difficulties, and complete unfinished tasks.  Mars (god of war) reentering Aquarius (sign of freedom) and Conjuncting the Moon’s South Node will slowly bring tempers to a fever pitch before the end of the month.  Knowing this we can place extra attention on staying calm. 


The New Moon is on September 9th at 2:02 PM EDT on 17 0 of Virgo.  The New Moon is Opposite Neptune showing the strong pull of our visions of a better life. However, with Mercury (planet of reason) in his own rulership, and ruling the sign of the New Moon,  common sense and practical considerations play a major role in how we internalize the inherent conflict between what we have and what we would like to believe is possible.  Mercury is Trine both Saturn (discipline) and Uranus (spontaneity); all three are in earth signs; Saturn and Mercury are in their own rulerships.  Common sense and practicality will be the leading force.   Mercury is in loose Sextile with Venus in Scorpio; for several weeks we have been eliminating what stands in our way, and this process will continue over the next month.

 The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 9:55 PM EDT.  This is our Autumnal Equinox and sets the tone for the next three months.  Today we experience equal hours of daylight and darkness.  Balancing an egg on its long end at this moment shows the great equilibrium established.  Mars is back on the South Node and Trines the Sun/Mercury Conjunction.  Also Mars forms a T-Square with the Venus/Uranus Opposition. During this  period we are testing our emotional sensitivity.  Each of us can make necessary adjustments in our personal lives through an act of will.  The world is very polarized; we will likely see more violent upheavals.  With Sun and Mercury Square Saturn, completing any major project will require hard work and compromise.  We struggle against a sense of isolation.  Pluto sits on the midpoint between Jupiter and Neptune, Sextile both.  Plans are far reaching but unrealistic.  Monitoring the scope of our own projections is only prudent; it is also true that other people’s expectations tend to be wildly inflated.  The Moon is Trine Venus and Sextile Saturn indicating hard work is necessary, but emotional equilibrium is achievable.

 The Full Moon September 24th at 10:52 PM EDT, at 10 59′ of Libra/Aries, is in a T-Square with Saturn in Capricorn.  The rule of law and a sense of justice will tend to be the reigning influence.  The rule of law means applying principles that already exist, not creating new ones.  Venus and Mars are Square; they rule the Sun and Moon; compromise seems out of reach.  It’s a curious mix, Sun and Mercury Trine Mars on the South Node, while the Moon Trines the North Node in Leo.  Raw mental assertion pushes in one direction, emotional impulses push in another.  Decisions made now seem final. 


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