Affecting Our Weather

So much dissonance in the ethers. This too affects our weather. We are watching our fear play out — in the atmosphere.

All things are connected.

Quite clearly we’re experiencing science as well — climate issues that we have ushered in at breakneck pace. Yet, back in the latter part of 2016, I spoke about this exact time frame we are currently experiencing. And I spoke about how I was shown that our Mother Earth would be putting forward some serious smack-down on our sense of entitlement regarding our planet. That the time had come when we would have to work together, no matter how the media and political messaging attempted to divide us, creating a polarized environment. 

When your home is flooded due to an epic storm, and it’s raining down more water than is in a Great Lake, or your town is drowned in non-breathable air saturated in smoke because the mountain up behind your house is on fire, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican, or a Democrat, or a who-cares-a-crat.

It matters where your heart and your consciousness choose to place their focus. And though we can all be mad, incredulous, shocked, or horrified at what’s going on in the world, remaining in that particular “state” of emotional interpretation then becomes its own exercise. And then this is where we choose to place our consciousness. 

And that is the BIGGEST lesson in this time frame. Our ability to play well together is a necessary lesson in the release of ego.

Yet that’s not what many want to hear. We wish to be able to point our fingers at “them,”  whoever “they” are, and lay blame and confusion for modalities that we cannot comprehend. This is an easy fix, something we’ve all been taught in our chest-banging mammalian aptitude for channeling our fear of the “Other.” 

Yet it doesn’t fix the problem. It makes it worse. And then comes more finger-pointing and blaming. And more chest banging. Until someone fires a nuclear missile because the ego has no other place to go but annihilation. And stepping back never serves the ego.

I’ve spoken tirelessly, as have many of my colleagues, on the importance of TRANSCENDENCE  during this time frame. Yes, we can observe what needs to be changed. Yes, we may have our emotional reactions. Yet remaining stuck in an emotional reaction such as fear, or anger, is simply shifting distractions. Remaining stuck in the hamster wheel of fury is a thin band-aid slapped over a blazing wound of fear.

The moment we own the fear the wound heals. And that means we have to replace it with something else, something which gives our life meaning. We’ve been taught to bolster the fear with rage. All rage becomes, at that point, is the anesthesia as we drown under the weight of the fear. IT’s this that crushes our Light..

We don’t want to hear that either, do we? 

We want to hear that our anger is our sanctuary. That we’ve earned every scar and every bleeding rip in our consciousness, and somehow, banging the never ending gong of how we’ve been wronged will somehow – bring a “right.” Well surely it will bring awareness. Yet to remain in anger is simply a bad habit.

And that infuriates those whose identity is anger. Such a simple sentence is taken as a deep affront, usually followed by a tirade of how an individual has earned their right to remain in fury for the rest of their natural lives.

Fear is anger.

Racism is fear. Republican-hating is fear. Democrat-hating is fear.

Hating is fear.

Fear is an energy signature that, like any particle wave, has the ability to move matter. If you disagree with this assessment, spend time in front of someone who is shouting in your face; one can feel the rage rip through the pores of the skin.

Energy is not destroyed. It is transferred. And that’s one of the mechanisms in Spiritual Physics that we are witnessing at this time frame in the world, as epic weather patterns seem to mirror deep chaos among top world governments and popuations.

Which is why I’ve dialed back on the predictions. Not because I can’t see what’s coming, to the best of my ability. Since November of 2016, I’ve posted plenty of predictions on Facebook and Twitter, from politics to world events to weather, most all of which (very regrettably) have come to pass. And I’ve posted them in order to assist others in understanding what was to come, so that other options would be available, emotionally, to people. As a species, we do much better if we’re not surprised.

Yet I’ve learned something very valuable after the election of 2016: people hang onto outcome, rather than focusing on the transcendence of the lesson. And if I am providing information that causes people to stumble, to become addicted to one headline of outcome after another, even if that’s not my intention, then it’s time to reevaluate my delivery.

Humanity just isn’t designed to know it’s exact future. Because not only are we constantly in the process of deciding what that future is to be, AND we miss the point, taking shortcuts, missing out on the valuable life lessons. 

I’ve tried to tell people that WE are creating the outcomes we experience. WE have ushered in this time frame of polarization to try and suss out where Light and Dark work within the self and where they don’t. WE are the reasons we see racism and corporate politics play out in the manner in which they are playing out, not some evil empire on one side of an aisle or the other – ALL sides of the aisle come from within us. WE are being presented with the exercise of overlooking race, color, sexual identity, religion, and any other exterior-defining metric, as we are not marketing fodder we are human.

Yet folks still have the tendency to sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn, thinking that in some other universe, change arrives as a dinner guest and brings the wine. The think that their participation, their growth, their change, their lessons, their greatest gifts, never need to surface.

Because there’s an app for that.

Or someone else will handle it.

Or it’s too hard to change, or to give away our 20th century ego-sculpting identities for our actual operating system – one of endless miracles, peace, and abundance.

Life’s job is not to convince us to participate. Frankly, if we wish to sit out our entire life in an epic pout – the Universe will absolutely let us do so.

I can shout from the rooftops 100 times a day that unless we begin to Invoke the Law of Love, our weather will continue to compound itself into horrendous cycles worse than even what WE HAVE caused climate to produce. Yet that cry will go upon deaf ears, until I mention that choking apocalyptic fires will sour our air and blot out the sun (happening currently in the Rockies, Canada, and California), rampant flooding will eat our clean water (happening currently in Texas with three other cataclysmic storms to come), chemicals will spill into aquifers (happening currently in Texas, to come on the east coast, including Florida, Virginia, Carolinas, New Jersey, and New York), food will wither from a lack of sunshine (spring is pushed back due to fires), geothermal activity is sparked by rising temperatures and plate expansion (volcano and earthquake activity popping up alongside fracking points), and a 60/40 shot at North Korea shooting a loaded nuclear missile at either the USA or Japan just to make a point (back to the ego-being-pushed-back-issue).

I can go on and on into hellish and accurate Biblical proportion with fearful description of our fate, as humanity is frightened into simply loving to save itself.

Yet these projections don’t help. It’s just more “noise” in the fear-o-sphere.

I’ve decided that if humanity decides to perish in a fearful lump, perhaps the exercise is over anyway. Perhaps those who need to learn through crippling fear are here to do just that. I am not in the business of judging anyone’s path. Knock yourself out, whichever path you choose. As the Angelic realm is fond of saying:

All is valid when learning.

I am, however, in the business of love, upholding the Law of Love, invoking the Law of Love. And of teaching the power of this amazing energy signature, which brings miracles, clears Doppler-crippling weather, bends space and time, and transcends all things – including the flippin’ jet stream.

Loving means to let go of that which is not ours to alter or fix, such as a choice made by many to remain in rage, to remain in fear, to see these modalities as the only answer, fighting fire with fire while the entire planet burns, giggling and drunk on principle as they too become part of the blaze.

There are plenty of psychics out there who are happy to feed the fear. It’s an addiction for people, and people pay big money to be scared out of their wits. For every desire, there is a messenger.

This is why I’ve remained quiet during these times on ‘what’s to come” because put plainly:

We’re still figuring out if we want to be here at all, on the planet. We say we want to be here, yet our actions do not match this proclamation. We pollute. We kill one another. We rage. We blame. We fill our bodies with toxins and fill our air and oceans with poisons. And we claim that it’s too hard to change.

For some, this will be true. And for these folks, life will be much harder in the times to come. To these folks, I offer love, and a place to hang their hat, a shoulder on which to scream their fears, and even a cup of tea or a bright cocktail to calm their nerves. Sadly, though, most won’t take a helping hand. Because the principle of their fear is the familiar landscape, and it’s all that will be remain in the end. Perhaps struggling in this manner is their path. Perhaps that’s why they’re here. To learn through one of the most engaging teachers of all – fear.

We must decide, Humanity:

Is it enough to be addicted to predictions, to know that we may or may not be “out of the woods” before we “believe” enough to “take action?” Or is our greatest power as a species our ability to then apply ourselves, to apply LOVE, the ingredient which inspires heavy lifting past hesitation and reason, to truly rise to the occasion of these times and step into the transcendence that this ascension time frame has offered us? To become proactive instead of reactive? To trust ourselves enough to be the stewards of our greatest gifts, abilities, and talents?

It’s all in what we choose. Though bad things happen to good people, we are never victims in our lives. We are, however, being asked to evaluate our complacency. 

Let us stand in the gap for LOVE — to DESIGN our future by engaging our minds, our hearts, our hands, our passions, and our BEST intentions. Let us place these intentions into the world through brilliant action. Let us watch the change happen because we trusted enough to act, rather than waiting to act while we learn to trust.

You are the miracle you have been waiting for.

The future is not a mystery.

It’s a choice.


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About the Author: Danielle Egnew is a musician, actress, media personality, activist, and self-described psychic known in the areas of music, film, radio and television for both performing and producing in all four genres. Her website is

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